3D Robotics Drones for Sale

3D Robotics Drones for Sale

Introducing 3D Robotics Solo

If you’re looking for 3D Robotics Drones for sale, you won’t get any better than the 3D Robotics Solo, which is already being hailed as the smartest drone ever designed. 3D Robotics Solo was released for sale only in July 2015 and has generated a great amount of hype. Here, we review the features of 3D Robotics Solo and tell you it is one of the best 3D Robotics drones for sale out there.

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3D Robotics Drones for Sale


Powerful Controls…

3D Robotics Solo comes with unbelievable processing power. In fact, Solo’s controller has dual 1 GHz computers that are easy to use and allow you to fly the machine with awesome control, from any device – iPhone, iPad or Android. The controller comes with just two buttons that do all the work. It is simple and3D Robotics Drones for Sale intuitive to use.

Highly Stable 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Cameras…

All 3D Robotics drones for sale, such as Solo, are compatible with GoPro cameras and are fitted with 3-Axis gimbal that provides much needed stability. The gimbal is also quite smart and coordinates well with the controller. It takes shots and shoots video clips automatically.


Easy-to-Use and Powerful App…

All 3D Robotics drones for sale run on apps that work with either iOS or Android. 3D Robotics Solo’s app is easily the best drone app we have ever seen. It allows you to control the camera, adjust speed, 3D Robotics Drones for Sale distance and altitude of the machine when in flight. It receives automatic updates and can be used without USB cables. It records all video clips straight to the smartphone.



A Highly Innovative Smart Shots Technology…

With Solo, 3D Robotics has come with the proprietary Smart Shots technology, which helps with setting up and shooting images or video clips. The idea is to fix a few settings at the start and hit “play” – on doing that, the drone starts shooting on its own.

Solo has 4 shooting modes, one of which creates an imaginary cable midair, a route which is remembered by the quadcopter while coming back to home base. There is another mode that makes wraparound shots possible by focusing the attention of the drone on a particular object, so that the drone revolves around it in a perfect circle and shoots the video.3D Robotics Drones for Sale

There is a selfie mode as well, where the drone camera focuses on the pilot and from a short distance, taking selfies. The last mode is a follow feature through which the drone tracks the signals from its controller and follows its pilot wherever he goes, even when he is not doing anything to control it.

A Truly “Smart Drone”…

3D Robotics Solo has a modular design, which means you can add new features to it as and when they come up. This is because 3D Robotics have designed Solo in such a way that it evolves with every change in consumer drone technology.3D Robotics Drones for Sale

3DRobotics has developed LED lights, ballistic parachute systems, and optical flow technology for use with Solo, which makes it really quite interesting. Solo downloads all the latest software updates automatically through its app.

As said earlier, it runs on two 1 GHz computers. It can make changes to its computer, controller, software, and gimbal without needing any cables. 3D Robotics Solo even has an on-screen feedback system which displays the progress of each update that is downloaded.

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Clearly, if you are looking for 3D Robotics drones for sale, your #1 choice should be 3D Robotics Solo – the world’s first “smart” drone. If you’re as excited by 3D Robotics Solo as we are, [order one today]!

3D Robotics Drones for Sale


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2 thoughts on “3D Robotics Drones for Sale

  1. Andreas S

    Fantastic product! I want one right away. Do you know how far away you can fly and still be able to have contact and see the video stream?


    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Andreas, indeed this 3DR Drone is a wonderful piece of art.About your question, let me tell you that, according to 3DR, you can fly your Solo up to 5 Miles(8 KM) and see the video stream, that´s great.
      If you really want to buy this 3DR Solo, you won´t regret it, cause you will have in your hands a Top Drone.
      I hope that I helped you.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Best regards,


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