3D Robotics Iris+ Review

This 3D Robotics Iris+ Review will help you to better understand the 3d robotics iris+ quadcopter, his features, battery life, specs, camera quality and many more. Do you want to map out where you like your quadcopter to fly and it could just listen to you? Will you like to be able to change whatever you need? Do you want your quadcopter to follow you while filming on the sky automatically or while doing something extreme? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then 3D Robotics Iris+ is the perfect drone for you. It is an advanced quadcopter with full GPS-guided autonomous capabilities.

The iris+ quadcopter is nearly an out-of-the-box drone. With other words it is RTF (Ready-To-Fly), but we recommend that you should slightly acquire a bit flying experience before buying the 3D Robotics IRIS+ outright.

Features and Specs

It wouldn’t be a 3d robotics iris+ review if we didn’t present you detailed specs of the 3d robotics quadcopter. 3DR’s newest quadcopter is designed with a wide angle between the front arms to provide a clear view for its onboard camera, an optional GoPro Hero3 ® that can also be included in the package. That means that you will have to include camera, because the iron drone prices doesn’t include camera with it. On the other hand, the arms and legs are produced from Zytel Nylon ® for the ultimate in wear, abrasion and impact resistance.  They come in various colors, and are easily and inexpensively replaced if required.

The IRIS+ from 3D Robotics gives you the opportunity to have a drone as your personal camera crew. Iris sports a high-performance 32-bit autopilot system built on an ARM Cortex-M4 processor that runs a real-time operating system and uses the latest ST Microelectronics sensors. The flight code represents over four years of professional development and testing in a community of over 40,000 users. Iris also features an integrated power-distribution/motor-control board to reduce weight and increase available payload capacity.  All of Iris’s electronics are housed under a sleek shell that provides impact protection and aerodynamic efficiency.

Basically this is the first consumer drone with “follow me” technology. Using 3DR’s 3PV (third-person view) Follow Me feature, the IRIS+ can be set up to follow any GPS-enabled Android device. The gimbal is also controlled by the 3PV system, so the camera stays centered on you while keeping the image stabilized.

Beyond that, 3DR’s DroidPlanner app can be used to plan flights just by drawing a flight plan on any Android tablet or phone and giving you as many waypoints as you want. The IRIS+ can even keep the camera focused on the same location throughout an entire flight. Automated mission planning can be done with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, too.

Regarding the 3d robotics iris+ battery you should know that it is a 3-cell 11.1 V 3.5 Ah lithium polymer (XT-60 type connector included) The charging duration is around 45-60 minutes. Regarding flying time with this 3d robotics iris battery you will get average flight duration+ 3d robotics iris+ gimbal: 10-15 minutes (without gimbal), 7-8 minutes (with gimbal), 16-22 minutes flight period (overall).

The 3d robotics iris+ drone has height: 100 mm, it weighs 262 grams (1282 g with lithium battery). The design is outstanding, it is a great device packed in minimalistic, yet ultra-modern and compelling design.


This 3d robotics iris+ quadcopter is definitely worth trying if you want to get to the next level. Not only that it will give you flawless control it can also follow you and be your camera crew. You can put a high quality camera on it and record yourself doing anything. The drone looks great, it is designed in ultra-modern style and it will certainly satisfy the needs of 3d robotics and drones. The iris+ drone prices can vary from $650 to $900+ depending on which gimbal and camera you will chose to add up. The basic iris+ drone prices are around $600-650.

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4 thoughts on “3D Robotics Iris+ Review

  1. Marcus

    I love the fact that this is able to follow a GPS unit. That’s what marks it out as better than a lot of the other drones out there. Do you own one of these yourself? I bet it’s really fun to play with.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hello Marcus.
      Just like some others drones in the market this 3D Robotics Iris+ also comes already with GPS, making it one of the best drone of the market.
      Yes, I have a 3d robotics iris+ about four months, and it’s just amazing what we can do with it.
      Thank you for your comment


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