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Hey everyone, my name’s Emanuel and I have a passion about Drones!

Creativity resides in the heart of every dream. Every day, we see dreams coming true in the form of ground breaking innovations, execution of novel ideas and implementation of out-of-the-box thought processing.  To keep you well versed and updated on all the latest information, news, products, prices and more about drones; I present to you a website dedicated to educate you on everything related to drones.

At my website, you will find amazing DIY flying drone buying opportunities, price updates and a lot more. Stated below are the key information and news that you expect from All Best Drones:

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My website, All Best Drones is especially dedicated for all the drone enthusiasts out there to help them pick the right drone products in the market today. My aim is not limited to help you to pick the best model, but also keep it within your budget.

This site is all about giving guide to both Beginners & Professionals to discover interesting facts about drone cameras, flying drones, quadcopters, remote control flying drones, drone photography and much more.

You can freely browse around my website to come across some obliging and useful guides. Bear in mind that I am very passionate about this lucrative and booming market which allows me to give you the best possible news, information, price updates, deals, locations and job opportunities.



Founder of All Best Drones

email: emanuel@allbestdrones.com


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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Domagoj

    Really nice website, and nice content.
    I can see that you putted all your effort in it.
    Also I like your site design and simplicity.

    Keep up to good work.

  2. ken

    This was a great find for a beginner in the drone world. I have been learning many new things as I continue to find websites on this NEW and awesome hobby.

  3. Christina

    Hello Emanual,

    I am a drone newbie so I need some advice and have some questions. My business partner and I are building a rural technology center that will be similar to a YMCA but for technology. It is cradle to grave access and we have programs for every age group and interest. Of course we will be purchasing some drone for people to try/use. If you were setting up a “come try drones” program, what 3-5 drones would you choose?

    My questions are:
    1.) Are there any drones that can deliver a letter?

    2.) Can we “dress up” a drone to look like an owl or fairy?

    I ask these questions because we would like to send acceptance letters to those that have applied to be in our youth pipeline program via drones (like the owls in Harry Potter delivered his acceptance into Hogwarts).

    Thanks for your time and excellent resource.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Christina, I’m glad that you enjoyed my website.

      Let me tell that I loved the idea that you are building a rural technology center that will be similar to a YMCA but for technology, and the idea of setting up a “come try drones” program is just amazing.

      About your first question about delivey drones, yes, there are drones that can deliver a letter. Here´s my #1 Recommendation.

      About your second question, yes, you can “dress up” a drone to look like an owl or fairy. It all depends of your imagination. See this video.

      If you are planing buying drones to your “come try drones program”, here´s my first choice for that type of events.
      It has been considered the easyest drone to fly.

      Hope it helped you.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Bruce West

    Emanuel: You certainly have an awesome website. I commend you on it’s setup. Being a beginner I was trying to find some information on what drone may fit my needs. However, afraid of getting the wrong one, I am looking for suggestions. I spent several hours looking through your posts and whatnot, but I am still beffuddled on which one to get. SO Many choices! I look forward to having further interactions with you and AllBestDrones.com. Thank You for everything, it helps us newer FlyersandCrashers


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