Best Drone Under $200

Every drone user/drone enthusiast starts becoming a pro from scratch. So this is very important to learn first before starting making professional videos or taking professional photographs. No one going to use a 1000$ drone to learn how to fly it. So cheap budget drone could be a very good option for them to learn how to fly or just for experiments. You may know budget drones/entry-level drones don’t offer premium features, as well as high-budget drones, does. But many drones company recently offered good drones with various features at very cheap rates. So if you need drones that meet your needs but don’t want to spend a thousand bucks then this blog is for you. We’ve done brief research on many drones and finally, come with the best 5 drones under 200$.

Number1: Altair 818+ Drone

Number2: 1b MJX Bugs 12

Number3: Xiaomi Fimi A3

Number4: BetaFPV FPV kit

Number5: Syma X8HG

Altair 818+ Drone

If you need to limit yourself to a budget of less than $200.The Altair 818+ is a very good option for you it includes motor and rotor blade protection, which allows it to withstand a variety of small-impact crashes. Additionally, it comes with a wide-angle camera. Altair 818+ is equipped with a wide-angle 720p camera, as well as a TF card that allows users to record video in HD

format right from the moment the drone launches. The battery pack of the drone includes two Li-Po batteries. Each battery provides approximately fifteen minutes of flight duration. When combined, both batteries provide about thirty minutes’ worth of flying time. That means it is suitable for long-distance shots. This drone can operate with a range of up to 150 meters. The drone’s most distinctive highlights include its remote controls that come with the capability of a smartphone clip. With this clip from your smartphone, you can stream first-person view (FPV) videos to your phone whenever the drone is 60 meters from the remote control. It’s Altair 818+ comes with numerous new modes or functions such as instant customer flight route Mode, as well as Emergency Landing as well as Headless Mode as well as  Altitude, Hold Mode. So this can be a very good option for beginner drone pilots or users.


  • Decent battery
  • Smartphone compatible
  • High-quality camera with 720p resolution
  • Simple to manage


  • Range (up to 60 meters)

1b MJX Bugs 12 EIS

MJX Bugs 12 EIS is the best option for you if you’re looking for a drone that has decent flying time with high GPS control. It’s also a GPS drone that has smart flight  modes. It comes with a 21-minute flight time and a range between 400 to 600 meters. The camera is a high-definition camera that has been stabilized electronically. The camera can take videos at 30/60 fps with full HD resolution. Its powerful motor can give it a top speed of 40 kph or 25mph. So definitely this is one of the best drone under $200


  • High flight time
  • Range(up to 600 meters)
  • Electronic stabilization

Xiaomi Fimi A3

The Fimi A3 is a great choice. It also has GPS stability as well as a variety of smart flight modes. It offers a 21-minute flight time and an altitude that can reach 1000m. This Xiaomi Fimi A3 comes with a remote, which has an integrated video screen. This is a feature that none of the drones on this list has. Its video stream is analog, which means it doesn’t require any application to view it, and you can connect to your Fatshark or other goggles that are analog. The camera is mounted on the two-axis gimbal that has yaw stabilized electronically and will capture 1080p HD video.


  • High-speed flight
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Easy controls
  • FPV with goggles
  • Different type speed modes
  • Healthy battery life


  • No obstacle avoidance

BetaFPV kit (FPV Whoop Racing Advanced Kit 2)

At this point in our review, we come up with a different drone that can introduce you to FPV. If you’re not keen on using a simulator to learn and want to start learning about flying a drone, then consider the BetaFPV kits that are all-in-one. The kit includes a drone, goggles, remote and batteries, charger as well as a handy carrying case. There are several kits. I would recommend one of them: the Advanced 2 Kit or the Cetus Kit. It is the Advanced 2 kit comes with a 70mm motorized

drone that’s brushless. Goggles and the remote of the entire range can be used with other drones.


  • easy to use
  • Brushed Motor
  • All in one drone

Syma X8HG

On average it is estimated that the Syma X8HG costs around $89 on Amazon. But, despite its affordable price, it is highly adaptable sturdy, long-lasting and stable. This makes it perfect for drone enthusiasts, as well as adults who want to enhance their flying drone skills. In addition, unlike many low-cost drones, Syma X8HG comes with a variety of high-end features. It is, for example, has an altitude hold function and an amazing HD camera that is 1080p with 8 megapixels. Additionally, if you want to shoot better video it comes with an adapter to other brands of action cameras, like Go Pro. With the previously mentioned feature to hold altitude, it is possible to secure the drone at a specific altitude, permitting you to capture stunning stills as well as amazing HD videos. The drone is equipped with a single lithium-ion battery which can provide an up to 10-minute flight duration and an altitude range of 100m or more.


  • It is durable, stable, and easily adaptable
  • It has a 1080p 8-megapixel camera
  • Easy to use


  • Range (up to 100m)
  • NO GPS, image stabilization, and FPV

There seems to be a new drone on the market every day, and it can be hard to determine which one is best for you. Drones come in all shapes and sizes and some are better suited than others. For someone who wants a drone that can handle basic tasks like taking photos or videos, but doesn’t want anything too complicated, you can definitely check these out!

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