Best Drone Under $500

In today’s age of technology, the popularity of drones has increased drastically. Drones are now available to consumers as a way to capture memories from a perspective that was never before possible. They can be used for personal use, such as capturing images and videos of special moments, or they can be used for professional use such as filming events and taking photos. With so many different models and prices, it can be overwhelming to find the best option.

Here’s some of the best drones under $500

DJI Mavic Mini- GPS, Light, And Foldable Drone

“DJI Mavic Mini” is undoubtedly one of the best choices for beginner-level drone users. Its outstanding build quality and lightweight make it more preferable for daily basis use. And you don’t need to register it before flying as it is less than 250 grams. Moreover, Its battery lasts 30 minutes and is capable of flying 1300 feet, which means it is a perfect choice for outdoor use. I am an eyewitness of DJI Mavic Mini’s stable camera that provides superb footage in windy weather. 


  • Very easy to fly
  • Outstanding camera stability with the help of a 3-axis gimbal.
  • Light-weight, portable, and no need to be registered.
  • Around 30 minutes flight time.
  • Provides quality photos and videos in all weather.


  • The camera quality is only 2.7k.
  • Smart Controller support is absent.

DJI Mavic Mini 2- Ultralight, High-Quality Camera Drone

Basically, “DJI Mavic Mini 2” is an updated and improved version of the DJI Mavic Mini. It added a new era in the drone industry. It consists of a wonderful 4k camera that can take 1080p quality videos and 12MP images. Moreover, its maximum control range is 10 Km and the maximum flying time is 31 minutes. DJI increased the safety features like installing valuable GPS on the Mavic Mini 2. So far it is the smallest drone among all of the DJI’s drones.  


  • Ultralight, small in size, and foldable. So easy to transport.
  • Long flight time.
  • High-quality camera.
  • Camera stability in rough especially windy weather.
  • Very easy to control while flying.
  • Safety features are available including GPS.


  • Color profiles missing for JPGs and video. 
  • No extra battery in the package.

Holy Stone HS720E- GPS Drone

Holy Stone is a drone manufacturing company that is famous all over the world for the unique designs and reasonable prices of its products. HS702E is one of the demanding drones in this budget. Its flying time is also noticeable, which is a maximum of 46 minutes. Its 4K camera can take videos in [email protected] 60fp or [email protected] Another more exciting feature is the camera can adjust in 90° angle with remote control. 


  • Very long flight time.
  • Easy to fly. Suitable for any level of drone users.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 2 modular batteries.  
  • Advanced flight modes.
  • GPS is available.


  • Charging is a little time-consuming.
  •  Lose control in extremely windy weather.
  • Battery discharges fastly. 

Hubsan H501S- Follow Me And RTH Available

Basically, the Hubsan H501S drone is under the toy category. However, it has become a popular product for its low price and stylish design. It allows high-definition videos and photos. There is an available feature in H501S named “Return To Home(RTH)” which gets back the drone to the user with a single click. Moreover, its flight time is around 20 minutes in full charge.


  • Built-in GPS and RTH facilities.
  • Stylish design.
  • High-quality camera.
  • 2300mah Battery.
  • Easy to use.
  • No need to use a smartphone to watch the views.


  • There is no collision avoidance technology.
  • Flight time is comparatively short.

Hubsan Zino Pro Plus Standard Version

Hubsan Zino Pro Plus standard version is a drone for those who want to get longer flight time. It is an improved product of Hubsan where they fix around all of the failures presented in previous products. Hubsan Zino pro plus provides you around 43 minutes of flight time which may be a great experience outdoor. And the video and picture quality is just awesome. 


  • Very long flight time.
  • Ultra HD 4K camera.
  • Automatic return to home(RTH) function.
  • Improved safety, lower battery failsafe.   


  • Hard to transport as the weight is 792 grams.
  • Obstacle avoidance is still absent.

Is $500 too much for my first drone

We don’t think that spending $500 is too much for your first drone, however we would like to recommend you to start your drone journey from a toy type drone like $30-$50.  As a result you can learn how drones operate, how to control the sticks, with a drone that won’t break the bank when you crash – and yes, you will crash. A $500 drone with GPS makes flight easier and safer for beginner-level users, so no need to be afraid to give it a go.

Can I get a good 4K drone for under $500

Not long ago, the answer to this question was no. Then came the DJI Mini 2 in November 2020. The rules still apply for the caliber of the camera here, producing results similar to higher-end smartphones, but, indeed, there is now a 4K drone for under $500 that we can safely recommend.

What is follow the path mode

This simple feature allows your drone’s GPS coordinates to be automatically followed by a set of preprogrammed GPS coordinates, guiding it around obstacles and back again.

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