Best Mini Drones


Best Mini Drones

So what are the best mini drones to fly?

The best mini drones may be small, but they are compact, powerful and have excellent stability in the air. Here, we discuss four of the very best mini drones out there. Let’s get started!




Best Mini Drones

Hubsan X4 H107C costs just under $50 and for this price, it is as good a mini drone as you’re likely to get. Hubsan makes some of the very best quadcopters in the mini class. All Hubsan machines offer full value for money and they can be used with spare parts got from several different sources.

The Hubsan X4 quadcopter is ideal for indoor flying and is fitted with a propeller protector for this reason. It comes with 6 LED lights that can be switched on and off from the controller and which provide enough brightness for indoor flying.

Hubsan X4 is very stable in air and even when it crashes, it comes out of it with relative lack of damage. It is surprisingly durable for its size. It offers a flying time of 6 to 8 minutes and takes 30 to 45 minutes for a full charging.

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Syma X11/X11C

Best Mini Drones



The first thing you notice about Syma X11/X11C is the price – at under $40, it is ridiculously cheap. It is perfect for indoor flying and not bad at outdoor flying either. It comes with a propeller protector – which is a must for indoor flying and 4 additional propellers.

Syma X11 is fitted with the proprietary Axis Stabilization System which is essential for smooth flying. It also comes with a simple controller with a flip button for up/down, left turn/right turn, forward/sideward/backward and a 360 degree rotation. It flies at two speeds and has two frequencies. Its batteries give you a flying time of 5 to 7 minutes and take 40 minutes to be charged.

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Cheerson CX-10


Best Mini Drones

We are huge fans of Cheerson drones and we believe Cheerson CX-10 is easily one of the best mini drones out there. It is also perfect for beginners to drone flying. When you first look at Cheerson CX-10, you will notice how small it is.

In fact Cheerson CX-10 is one of the smallest quadcopters in the world. And yet, you would be surprised at how strong and durable it is. This compact little flying machine is also very stable in the air, and surprisingly so. It comes with a special “Throw to Fly” feature, which means you just have to throw it in air for it to start flying. It can be operated in three modes – beginner, intermediate and expert. The expert mode comes with a built-in flipping option. It really is a lot of fun flipping Cheerson CX-10.

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Best Mini Drones


Blade Pico QX is an interesting mini drone which is targeted at beginners to drone flying.  It comes with a proprietary SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, which means you can start flying this drone without much experience or effort.

You will have a lot of fun flipping and double flipping Blade Pico QX. We also liked that it comes with propeller guards – which we think all mini drones should be fitted with for indoor flying. It is also very easy to charge and takes just 25 minutes for a full charge. You get four extra propeller blades as well, in case the original blade gets worn out.

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  1. Daniela

    Hey, I am very interested in drones and the opportunities they present. I didn’t have any idea that there are such cute mini versions. They seem very affordable. Thank you for this great review.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Daniela, I´m glad that you enjoyed my post, about the best mini drones available today.

      You´re right, all of these mini drones, they are very affordable.

      Thanks for your comment.

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