Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS Review

Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS Review

Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS Review


Hey there! Are you looking for a Cheerson CX-23 Cheer review? The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is a relatively affordable drone which costs only $249. It makes for a perfect first quadcopter for a beginner. Is this the one you are looking for?


What is it?


The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is a GPS enabled quadcopter that features brurshless motors. It is fitted with a 720p camera with an adjustable angle that takes pictures at 2 MP. The camera shoots videos at 5.8 GHz through the 4.3” monitor.Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS Review





This drone is very stable in the air despite its relatively small size. It is easy to navigate because of its GPS functionality. It comes with features such as a return-to-home mode and orbit. The drone comes with a built-in OSD (on screen display) where you can see the speed, altitude, battery life and other parameters.

The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer gives you a decent flight time of 14 minutes. It has a range of 500 meters. One of the best things about the CX-23 Cheer is the design, which features inverted rear motors. The flipped props ensures that the quadcopter is more stable in the air.


 Who is it for?


The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is very much for beginners to drone flying who are just finding their way about. Even intermediate fliers can use this quadcopter if they feel up to it. It is also for those participating in FPV racing, which is a popular sport in the West.


Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS Review

How it helped?


The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer quadcopter features an excellent FPV transmitter that comes with a very good range. I enjoyed operating it in an FPV race, and it was a lot of fun. The drone flies fast, at a reasonable height above the ground and the camera’s live video feed is pretty decent. I liked the GPS positioning system, which allowed me to have full control of the drone at all times. Even if you lose control of the drone, the GPS ensures that it comes back to the starting position with ease.


 Cheerson CX 23 Cheer: Pros and Cons



  • Features a GPS functionality which ensures that the drone returns to its starting position after flying for a while
  • Very decent FPV system
  • Features OSD telemetry
  • Comes with a full HD 1920×1080 camera with angle adjustment
  • Has a circle hovering mode and an auto-return to home mode
  • Comes with a battery voltage alarm
  • Ensures safe landing;
  • Has a range of 500 meters control
  • Decent FPV range
  • Decent flight time of 14 minutes


  • Camera is not the best you will get
  • Flight time is good for this price category, but still limited

Why I recommend it?


The Cheerson CX-23 Cheer is a very reasonably priced GPS-enabled drone which comes with many advanced features. It is small, compact and fast, and has an adjustable camera. It is favored by beginners and those participating in FPV racing. I have no hesitation in recommending it.


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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS


Design and Build Quality


GPS and FPV System





  • Very decent FPV system
  • Has a range of 500 meters control
  • Features OSD telemetry


  • Camera is not the best you will get
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2 thoughts on “Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS Review

  1. Colleen

    Your site caught my attention b/c I know several people who are interested in drones, and because I see drones being used everywhere and for so many diverse purposes. Sounds like the Cheerson CX 23 Cheer GPS would be a good starting point for newbies. You also offer a lot of additional great tools for someone getting started and for those who are advanced. I’ve bookmarked it to tell others about it and will be back to check it out myself too. Great site, Emanuel!


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