Delivery Drones for Sale

Delivery Drones for Sale


Are you looking for delivery drones for sale? You probably came across the idea of delivery drones pretty recently when Amazon’s experiments with using drones for making deliveries to customers was widely covered by the media. Amazon’s delivery drones have certainly captured the public imagination, but as of now, it is not yet a full blown idea, and is still very much an experiment. The big problem is that in the United States the regulatory hurdles are too big for Amazon to explore the true potential of delivery drones to the fullest extent.

Other startups have tried to come up with delivery drones for sale as well. One such startup is Matternet, which has come up with delivery drones recently and plans to sell them commercially.However,Delivery Drones for Sale Matternet’s delivery drones, called Matternet ONE, are extremely expensive – they cost $5000 per unit.

There has been so far only one company that has been successful with its delivery drone system and has made its delivery drones available to businesses and the general public, and that company is a small Israeli startup called Flytrex and the delivery drone introduced by them is called the Flytrex Sky. Flytrex Sky costs one-tenth of what Matternet’s delivery drones for sale cost, and is a highly innovative and even revolutionary product.


Flytrex Sky is a cloud-based delivery drone:

which means it is connected with a cloud-based backend. It is able to do so because of its 3G connectivity. So far Flytrex Sky has been used to deliver small items such as drinks and other light parcels. It is still something that arouses curiosity and interest rather than something that is truly practical or solves a major problem.

Flytrex Sky is a lot of fun. You can send the drone to your friends and family nearby using an app on iOS or Android. Flytrex identifies their location through GPS and is directed by what is called a Collaborative Piloting Technology, which means both the sender and the receiver can control its route. The sender directs its initial movements and then the receiver takes Delivery Drones for Saleover to ensure that it lands safely at his location.

As you can see it is still pretty much in the experimental stages, but is a lot of fun to use. FlyTrex CEO Yariv Bash says that the drone still did not have obstacle detection, which is so critical for urban areas, but this is something his engineers are working on.

Mr. Bash explains in an interview with the [Wired magazine], “We plan for the drone to have environmental awareness. Both for terrain and manmade structures. This will be a firmware upgrade in the next few months. The Flytrex Sky is capable of performing firmware upgrade from the cloud, thus this will be a pretty easy to install upgrade.

“What we are seeing here are the first steps in making the physical equivalent of the internet — moving physical objects from point to point, via routing points. It will take a few years, and Flytrex has a complete roadmap from today to a “Skynet”-like future.


Flytrex Sky can be piloted using the Flytrex Sky app:

which comes with a virtual control or an autopilot-directed GPS system, which allows both the sender and the receiver to direct the drone to the desired location. Flytrex Sky has a range of 7 miles and carriesDelivery Drones for Sale packages that are of the size of a smartphone. It can carry larger packages that weigh 1 KG over shorter distances and has an accuracy of 2 to 3 meters only. It gives a flight time of 30 minutes at best.

Mr. Bash added that Flytrex’s future would depend largely on its backend, more so than on the drones themselves: “Currently, the flight times of consumer drones are lacking behind what we’d like to see. The technology is getting there, but more of in a linear way than an exponential growth.

“On the other hand, the smartphone revolution has made the needed electronics for a smart flying machine pretty cheap and much more accessible. But as those drones become smarter and more connected, you’ll need a lot more backend platform to support all the real time activity. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on developing our Sky platform – a scalable cloud-based platform, to enable seamless real-time control of drones while in the air.”

Flytrex has always insisted that customers should use Flytrex Sky in accordance with the regulations stipulated by their national aviation authorities. But this is not easy regulators have not yet taken warmly to the idea of delivery drones. There are several regulatory roadblocks along the way.

In fact Flytrex CEO Yariv Bash has often expressed his frustration that the regulations are not keeping Delivery Drones for Saleup with the technology. He says in his interview with Wired magazine, “As always, the regulations are lagging behind technology. And as always, technology will prevail. We see the Flytrex Sky as a first step towards drone deliveries. The drone industry is where the car industry was in the beginning of the 20th century, there’s still much more to learn. We recommend that users follow the guidelines and regulations of their national aviation authority and above all — fly safely.”

==>Read The Flytrex Sky Review Here<==

Flytrex Sky is quite affordable at $649. It’s a lot of fun to own. You can buy it [here]. if you think it’s something that interests you.


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20 thoughts on “Delivery Drones for Sale

  1. Zac

    I always thought that drones were awesome! When I heard about Amazon trying to deliver things with drones I got excited and now that there is an actual company that has done it is even better! I hope that my packages get delivered that way in the future!

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Zack, In fact Amazon is planning in a near future deliver their products by drone.

      They are only waiting for the FAA regulamentation concerning this subject.

      Let’s wait to see what happens.

      Can you imagine ordering a product today, and half an hour later you already received your order at home.That´s awesome.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Andrew

    Wow, this is amazing! I actually had not heard about this before reading your article. I think the idea of a drone delivering items to you is just amazing, the fact that it hasn’t yet got off the ground yet so to speak, commercially is irrelevant. The idea of now being able to do something like this from your phone is great, technology just keeps getting better all the time. Who knows what we’ll be doing in the next few years!

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Andrew, I fully agree with you about the idea of having in a near future the possibility to receive deliveries by drones.

      I really appreciate your comment.


  3. Kit

    I never thought I would be thrilled about such a thing as a drone, but when I see all these, I want one!
    Great information, thank you.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Anwar, what a great idea.

      In a rapidly changing world, only wins who has the ability to take advantage of what the new technologies offer us.

      And in this particular case is no exception, see the case of large companies such as Amazon, Google, Walmart, etc…, all of them are betting on the use of drones. Check this!

      In your case, first check which law is in force in Kuwait as to the use of drones.

      Then if you want to purchase drones for deliveries read this article.

      I hope that helped.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Alvaro

    Hello, Emanuel,

    First of all, thanks for your information. It is very interesting.

    I live in Spain and I’m thinking about the idea of deliver tractor parts by drone to people who is placed in the country to repair its tractor. I’m not sure about if it could be workable due to the weight the drone can load. What can we wait for the future regarding weight load, maximum distance with same battery, accuracy in the delivery and price of drone?


    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Alvaro, I´m glad that you enjoyed my article.

      I found your idea of delivering tractor parts by drones, just great.

      The first thing you have to do is to obtain information from the Spanish legislation about the use of delivery drones.

      As for these tractor parts, I think they are heavy parts, right?

      Currently there is not a wide variety of drones for this kind of work, but with the evolution of the market, and the need to make deliveries, with more and more weight, I have no doubt that within a short time we will have the major companies trying to get products to these needs.

      Of course, at the beginning these drones will not be cheap, but with the passage of time, the prices will come down.

      I really appreciate your comment.


  5. Wilson

    The future is here drones delivery services will be a solution to logistics. The regulating authority should fast track the implementation face. I’d like to own one real soon thumbs up flytrex.

  6. Muhammad Faizan khan

    Nice post, but you mention only two delivery drones providers company. Is there only two companies(flytrex, matternet) in the world who are providing drones? Can you tell me more.
    And Can i interact with these drone using programming. I see that there no development kit provide by flytrex and matternet.
    Please guide. Thanks

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Muhammad, I´m glad that you enjoyed my post.

      Flytrex, Matternet, Flirtey, Zipline are some of the companies that do deliveries by drone.

      For example, the Ukrainian postal service, has teamed up with Flytrex to begin testing delivery drones.

      You can interact with any of these drones using their smartphone app.

      In the case of Flytrex here´s the link to download the android version and Ios version

      I really appreciate your comment.


  7. Andro

    Hi, nice post.
    I was searching for delivery drone for sale, I am willing to buy one and be a home-transporter

    1. Emanuel Post author

      HI Andro, I´m glad that you liked my post.

      Every day, drone deliveries are more useful in our daily lives.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve found a way that can help you with this task.

      If you are really interested in a drone of this category, you must take into account the law of the country you live in, and the average weight you want to carry.

      At this time your best option will be the Flytrex Sky

      Hope it helped you.

      Thanks for your comment.


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