DJI Tello Review

DJI Tello Review



If you have never flown a drone and want to get a hang about handling one, then this is just for you.

Introduced at an incredible price tag, you may need to get your hands on it to experience its versatility and learn the intricacies of flying a drone.

If you have experience in flying drones this would be such a light one that you would be found wanting trying to fly it either indoors or outdoors, to show your prowess how such a little drone needs to be flown.


Product Review

Size they say does not matter always and the Dji Tello is small in size but a very versatile drone which could match many even bigger than it.

There have drones being released by manufacturers regularly with a dime for a dozen but the Dji Tello is just not one of those run of the mill models.

It has a built in 720p superlative camera and a battery life of 13 minutes flying time and at the price it is offered is a bargain, no doubt.





The Dji Tello intends leading from the front in its class and as things remain it is by far one of the best for versatility, performance and price.

Tagged as “the most fun drone ever”, it remains true to this name but has left the 4k camera out for a relatively affordable price, to drive home the point that it is value for money.

It may not stand up to any of those crazy drone projects that you may have in mind but for the price it is offered with such rich features what more could any drone enthusiast ask for.

Though offered at this incredible price it is well equipped with a 14-core Intel Processor, Electronic Image Stabilizer, a versatile 5 Mega Pixel camera.

It has features which other bigger brothers have like the collision detection and accident free navigational application also packed into it.

Tipping the scales at an unbelievable 2.8 ounces the Dji Tello it could be further lightened in weight by removing the four propeller guards for a few more minutes of flying time.

It has built in “Failsafe Protection” a vision positioning system, auto take off and landing and low battery protection.

It is designed with such performance but all packed within a 3.8 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches dimension which DJI Tello Reviewcould be silently flown indoors with the least effort.





The Dji Tello is a fun drone and just what beginners would want to get a hand about what flying a drone is all about and the thrill of controlling one effortlessly.

Hovering in one place without much effort on the remote control is just one of the features the Dji Tello is equipped.

Some of the bigger drones would be wanting, in trying to match what the Dji Tello has which gives it an edge with some of these features.

Along with these superlative features packed into such a small drone like the Dji Tello it also boasts of the Software Development Kit (SDK).

This enables you to code your own drone software applications using the SDK which is offered free with the Dji Tello adding more spice to this compact and little drone.

If you have problems and issues the Dji Tello could be programmed employing “Scratch” the free program which allows you by using simple blocks.

Charging the battery provided along with the Dji Tello, has been made simpler by using a Micro-USB cable.

The absence of a Micro-SD slot which would provide for longer recording has been eliminated with photos and videos captured being directly streamed onto your mobile device.

Dji and Intel along with Ryze Tech have collaborated to bring out the superlative Dji Tello hence it has a good parentage and backed by efficient after sales backup.

There is a need to calibrate the Dji Tello before you fly it for the first time but it is simple and if you have flown a previous model of a DJI, this would be simple.

If not, just follow the instructions manual and you would get it right in a few minutes.

You should be able to achieve the calibration under 10 minutes which would be easier in larger DJI drones but not a major issue.

Relatively silent motor which could be flown indoors without much of a disturbance and when flying outdoors care should be taken that there are no strong winds.

The light weight could be vulnerable to strong winds and your Dji Tello could be blown away so take care.

Basic apps of VR mode, Wi Fi settings, Flight Speed and camera settings are possible but do not expect much as they may not be the most sophisticated.

Flying the Dji Tello is simple employing the two virtual joysticks moving it on all three axis, and can be set on an easy rotation too.

The angle of the camera could be adjusted but the lens is fixed onto the main body and cannot be moved.

It is recommended that the propeller guards are fixed when flying as it could injure others and pets around or even damage itself.



  • Great price
  • Light weight
  • Super performance
  • Easy controls
  • Take off and landing easily achieved
  • 13 minute flying time
  • Remove propeller guards for extra flying time
  • Perfect photos and video relayed
  • Recorded directly onto mobile device



  • Its light weight needs still windless outdoors
  • A strong wind could blow it away
  • Calibration required before first flight



For the price at which it is offered there is none like this little drone as it packs a punch that many others with similar features would find difficult to match.



An extremely unbelievable buy, which has all what it take for a drone to be, when in control with easy maneuverability.

You would need to take it and try it to know what it could really do and performance is extremely versatile and many may not be able to match it.

The price tag is really great and it lives up to its image as being a little dynamite at work, performing better than expectations.



I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Founder of All Best Drones

DJI Tello









  • Great price
  • Super performance
  • Recorded directly onto mobile device


  • A strong wind could blow it away
  • Calibration required before first flight
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4 thoughts on “DJI Tello Review

  1. AJ

    This was super helpful. I can’t believe I just came across at this time. I was talking to my neighbor yesterday, as he was using one. He said his goes 65 mph, and watching him use it was mind blowing. I’ll be getting one soon, so I’ll bookmark this. Thanks man, love it.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi, I´m glad that you liked my post.

      In fact this DJI Tello is small but very skillful and easy to manipulate, even a person who has never flown any drones, will be able to do it without great difficulty.

      And then the price is very appealing.

      If you opt for this DJI Tello you will not regret it, I assure you

      Thanks for your comment!


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