Drone Job Opportunities

Drone Job Opportunities

Drone Job Opportunities


Are you looking for the best drone job opportunities? Well, a lot of our readers have asked us if it was possible to make a career out of flying drones. You certainly can, but jobs for drone flyers or drone jockeys as they are called, are as yet limited and not easy to get.

But with the training and certification from an accredited institute such as the University of North Dakota you certainly can dream of a career as a drone jockey. You will first need to acquire a B.S. in Aeronautics with a Major in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations; that will open up lot of wonderful opportunities for you, especially in the government and organizations such as the CIA.

Here are the best jobs for drone jockeys….


Drone Job Opportunities at Amazon [Package Delivery Jobs]


Remember the hype surrounding the news that Amazon would be using flying drones to deliver packages? That was one of the biggest stories of 2014.  Amazon put out a job listing for drone pilots, and guess what – hundreds of talented drone pilots applied. Only a chosen few got through. Amazon expected them to have at least 4 years of commercial drone piloting. Some even had actual airplane experience. Even so, we expect package delivery using drones to be a thing of the future, and many companies are going to attempt it. So keep your eyes open for just an opportunity.


Drone Job Opportunities



Drone Job Opportunities in Movies


Most Hollywood movies these days get crowd shots done by drone cameras. Talented drone photographers can make a lot of money working for Hollywood movies.  You will need experience of working with GoPro cameras. You will also need to be a very safe drone pilot – the last thing you want is to crash into the Taj Mahal while shooting it with the GoPro camera on your drone!


Drone Job Opportunities


 Drone Job Opportunities in Agriculture


Agriculture has tremendous need for drone jockeys. Your job will be to gather data, survey hundreds of acres of crops using a quadcopter. It will be your job to check the damage done to crops by a storm or flood, keep a watch on the spread of crop diseases, moisture and more. Indeed, it is expected that agriculture will employ a majority of qualified drone jockeys.


Drone Job Opportunities


Drone Job Opportunities in Utility Companies


Did you know that utility companies have tens of thousands of power lines that need to be checked on a daily basis? If even a single line is broken, then that could take down the entire electric grid for a large city such as Los Angeles. That’s why as a drone pilot, you will always find a job in power companies. You will do the job that is traditionally done by a lineman, except that you will never go anywhere away from your desk. Even solar companies need drone pilots to survey solar panels and identify the one or two that are damaged or broken.


Drone Job Opportunities


 Drone Job Opportunities in Real Estate


Real estate companies are always on the lookout for ways to promote a property more attractively. One of the ways to do that is to take aerial images of the property from a flying drone. The drone videos that are made in this manner are then posted online on property portals to promote the property. So, if you are a talented drone photographer, you are in luck – real estate companies across America and Europe are looking for you!


Drone Job Opportunities



Drone Job Opportunities in the CIA/Military


Okay, this is a controversial one. But have you considered joining the military or the CIA as a drone pilot? You will get to fly some really large drones, and they will be used for two purposes – for surveillance of the enemy and dropping bombs and missiles on terrorist camps. So you will be very much like a soldier. Are you up to this job? I know I am not! This job involves killing people, and even if only bad guys such as dreaded terrorists are targeted; as evidence shows, a lot of times, innocents can get killed too. I am not going to advise you to take this job, but it is my duty to let you know that the CIA and the military are hiring talented drone pilots.

Drone Job Opportunities

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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Drone Job Opportunities

  1. Luis Rodriguez

    Wow, This is crazy. i can totally see how technology is changing the world, i can only imagine what is going to be like in the future. great post.

  2. Adrian Prince

    Hi Emanuel, I had no idea of the jobs available for piloting drones, and I understand why you need to be qualified and experience to do this.

    I do find this interesting how technology is opening up a whole new industry and the strong demand for drone pilots is really driving this forward, good post.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hello Adrian, you’re right, with the evolution of time, more and more will be needed to hire qualified pilots for different areas. This demand is increasing at a very high pace.

      Thanks for your comment.


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