FlyPro px400 Review

Flypro px400 review

FlyPro px400 Review

Drones are popular these days. Using a drone you can take photos or videos with good angles and better view. Now buying a quality drone! Now that’s tricky. Since drones are so much popular now, there are lots of manufactures. When buying a drone you have to consider many aspects. Flypro px400 is one of the best drones you can buy which has all the qualities you want.


Flypro px400 has an incredible aerodynamic design which makes it beautiful & easy to fly. This has a flypro px400 reviewfull carbon fiber material cast which make this strong. When you are flying this, you can accidentally hit something. So it is important to have a strong design otherwise this will be easily broken. Flypro px400 is foldable and portable, because of that you can easily carry this within a bag. Foot part is made to stable the entire machine so that it is easy to land.


Flypro px400 has lots of features which are remarkable. There is an auto-takeoff, landing option and auto return option which you just have to click once to land or takeoff. When you want to film you have to click just once and it will be up and after you finished you just have to click once again and it will be automatically landed. If you try to land manually it will be bit difficult, if you don’t have much practice. But In this way it is so much easier. Also there is an option to set Flypro px400 to make circular rotations on a set radius and altitude. Also you can set the camera aimed at a target. Another useful feature of Flypro px400 is that you can draw arbitrary curves and the drone will fly in that path. Using follow me option you can set Flypro px400 to follow you. Since this doesn’t need any manual control it is much easier. There is clear and precise map to show where the Flypro px400 is at all times. Important information such as altitude, flight speed, distance andFlypro px400 review many more things can be instantly gain from this device. Flypro px400 has a latest camera which can capture high quality videos and high-definition images. This has a high-performance data transmitter which can transmit images and videos real time. There is also a shock-proof 3-axis gimbal and a 10CH transmitter with high-definition monitor. There is a sonar sensor and optical flow camera so that you can fly indoors without GPS using vision positioning system.


Having a strong designed drone is important. Flypro px400 has a strong design which is durable and weather resistant and if you use it with care you will be able to use this for a very long time. Flypro px400 can fly approximately 25 minutes and can have a 40 km/h speed. Flypro px400 weight 3.08lbs and it will be 4.62lbs with batteries. In the package there is 1 walkera DEVO 10 + RX1002, P-3D Gimbal, Image Transmitter, DV701 Monitor, CNC Monitor, mini b6ac Charger, 5200MAH 6S Battery, GOPRO 3 AV Cable, TF Card Reader, Digital Transmission Module, Battery Alert. In pro version OPTICAL FLOW Camera with Sonar sensor and High Quality Motor.


Flypro px400 is definitely one of the best drones available in the market. You will never regret spending money on Flypro px400 and this device is highly recommended.

Flypro PX 400


I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Founder of All Best Drones

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12 thoughts on “FlyPro px400 Review

  1. Joe

    Hi Emanuel,
    Great post, informative. Since I know nothing about drones, your site will be my source for info from now on.
    Thanks for gathering all the info on your site. I’ve book marked it for further reference.

  2. mark

    Hi Emanuel – Boys and their toys. These drones look like a whole lot of fun. I think when I’m full time in WA earning some decent money I’ll be popping down to the drone shop.
    great review

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Mark, in fact these drones are amazing machines,because we can do a lot of things with drones, such as taking photos, making videos, or just play around for fun.I really appreciate your comments.
      Have a nice day.

  3. Russ Mccormick

    Hello Emanuel

    Is the FLYPRO FX400 a Walkera product? I really like the looks and features of it, but then that’s what also drew me to the Scout X4 which was not a wise choice. I purchased 2 Scouts for video and photography purposes and had constant operational and safety issues, thus the reasons I now own and use DJI and Yuneec but the FLYPRO does have some features. Is there a proprietary 4K camera option?


    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Russ, the Flypro PX400 its not a Walkera product.They are different brands.The Flypro PX400 belongs to the Shenzhen FLYPRO Aerospace Technologies, Inc..

      If you own a DJI and a Yuneec, well, you are very well served.:).

      The Flypro PX400 comes with a shock-proof 3 axis gimbal compatible with GoPro Cameras.

      At this moment the 4K Ultra HD sports camera, comes only with the newest model called Flypro Xeagle. It supports 4K/24fps, 2.5K/30fps, 1080P/60fps, 720P/120fps recording, 12 Million megapixels. Ultra-clear picture quality for top visual enjoyment.(Equipped with a Firefly S6 Camera)

      Hope it helped you.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Dave Stredulinsky

    I just purchased a Flypro PX400 from HobbyWOW at a much reduced price than show on Amazon and other sites, including the sonar and optical camera for about 1600 USD. Once received, I will share my experiences with it.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Dave, if you just purchased the Flypro PX400, you just made a wonderful choice, and you won´t regret it, that´s for sure.

      I bought one myself sometime ago, and I really love it. It has great features.

      Flypro px400 has an incredible aerodynamic design which makes it beautiful & easy to fly.

      I see that you made a big deal at HobbyWOW.

      Once you receive it, don´t forget to share your experience with us.

      I look forward to hear from you soon.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Best Regards,

      1. Dave Stredulinsky

        Yeah! I received my PX400 and finally got a chance to fly it on a sunny day in 15 to 20 kph winds for the first time. It flew very well in Stabilize (manual mode) and held position very well in Loiter (gps–hold) mode. I haven’t tried it with my GoPro camera yet but I noted I could do a nice slow 360 degree yaw. I haven’t tried any of its automated modes yet. I noted the GPS was seeing 18 satellites, so should give accurate positioning. My main complaint is lack of documentation. There is very little information available on using the Flypro app on my tablet.

        1. Emanuel Post author

          That´s great news Dave. I´m glad that you already received your FlyPro PX400, and you liked it.

          Now, wait until you put your GoPro on it, and start shooting awesome videos and great pictures. You will be surprised with all of its features.

          About the FlyPro App you are right, there is very little information about it. But I found it very intuitive, its only a matter of time until you get used to it.

          I don´t know what version of the App you have, but here´s the latest version available. FlyPro App

          Hope it helped you.

          Its great to hear from you Dave.

          Thanks for sharing your opinnion.

  5. NIck Novak

    Nice review. Thanks for the valuable information. This drone seems to have all the best characteristics and features of some more high-end models, but for a lower price. I love the fact that it has the follow me mode, and the pre-set route option, which makes filming a whole lot easier 🙂

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Nick, I´m glad that you enjoyed my review.

      I fully agree with you, the Flypro PX400 has an incredible aerodynamic design which makes it beautiful & easy to fly.

      Thanks for your comment!


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