Flytrex Sky Review

Flytrex Sky Review


You are no doubt familiar with the idea of delivery drones because of Amazon’s experiments with them, which have been widely covered by the international media. But there is one company that makes delivery drones commercially available, to businesses as well as to individuals such as you and me. That company is Flytrex and its delivery drone is called the Flytrex Sky. In this Flytrex Sky Review, we reveal everything you need to know about the delivery drone, its features, price you can buy it for and drawbacks. Here we go!

Flytrex Sky is described as the world’s very first cloud connected drone with delivery capabilities. It is based on the Sky Platform, which is a path breaking cloud based system. Flytrex Sky utilizes the Flytrex sky Reviewamazing powers of the cloud and the Sky Platform, as well as unique new technologies such as Collaborative Piloting System and drone delivery features. It is mainly used by recreationists and hobbyists and is not yet used for serious business purposes. But that will come as well, sooner or later, as Flytrex builds on the capabilities of the Flytrex Sky.

About Flytrex

Flytrex is one of the most promising Israeli startups which is already a leader in consumer drone technology. It provides black boxes (Flytrex Live 3G) for multirotors and quadcopters as well. Flytrex products are available in over 70 countries. Flytrex sells its products through a network of affiliate and distributors all over the world. The company is a prime example of Israeli technology innovation and entrepreneurship at its very best.

FlyTrex Sky Features

Flytrex Sky is operated by the Flytrex Messenger App, which is available on both Android and iOS. Flytrex Sky can be flown through the app from the smartphone itself, and does not need a physical controller. But if you prefer to work with a physical remote, it can work with a traditional flight controller as well. Flytrex Sky switches easily between two different modes – you can fly Sky manually using a virtual console or by an autopilot GPS-enabled feature which allows you to mark a point on the map and then direct Flytrex Sky to it.Flytrex Sky Review

The Flytrex Messenger App is connected to the Sky Platform, which is a cloud based system that ensures that the deliveries take place as planned and everything goes smoothly.

Flytrex Sky uses the innovative Collaborative Piloting System, which allows both the sender and receiver to control Flytrex Sky at various stages of the flight.  The sender sets the initial direction, while the receiver ensures that the drone lands safely and in the right spot.

Flytrex Sky is capable of covering a distance of 7 miles and lands with an accuracy of 2 to 3 meters from the target. It can give you a flight time of not more than 32 minutes and can carry a weight not more than that of a smartphone. It can, however, carry weights up to 1 KG over very short distances.

Flytrex Sky offers dual-mode flying for hobbyists and drone enthusiasts. It supports installation of RC transmitter and makes it possible to switch control between the RC Transmitter and the 3G connection using the Flytrex Pilot app

One drawback with Flytrex Sky is that it still does not have a well developed obstacle detection feature. This can be an issue in dense urban areas.

Regulatory Hurdles

The issue with Flytrex Sky is that most countries still don’t allow drone delivery for commercial purposes. There are still strict rules against it, especially in the United States. However, if your purpose is fun and recreation only, there is nothing to stop you from using Flytrex Sky.

You can buy Flytrex Sky for a very affordable price of $649 from its official website here.Flytrex Sky Review



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2 thoughts on “Flytrex Sky Review

  1. Den

    The new remote-controlled airplanes! There are so many brands of drones out there. This post makes me think about getting one. I thought that drones needed remote control devices, but Flytrex is operated by an app on a mobile phone,and cloud technology. The tech is very advanced.

    In Israel, is it easy to use drones for commercial purposes, like deliveries? Is it a common sight to see people using them for hobbies?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Den, as to your question, no, it is not a common thing in Israel to see – they are still trying to change this 🙂 However, there are still lots of regulation issues with this around the world, preventing this from happening.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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