Important tips for traveling with drones

Is it your first vacation with a DJI drone? There is no doubt that drones are excellent travel companions, but many travelers wonder whether it is okay to take a drone on an airplane and whether it is safe to fly drones in all countries. Do you have the same questions? If so, then read these handy drone travel tips to keep your travels safe.

Travelling by plane

If you’re traveling by plane, you can either check in your drone or take it with you on the plane. If you’re traveling with a larger drone, you’ll likely need to check them in as their suitcase is quite large and may exceed the airline’s size requirements for carry-on baggage.

But regardless of whether you check in your drone or not, don’t put your batteries in a checked bag. The reason for this is that checked-in suitcases are not stored under pressure and the temperature in the passenger cabin is more constant. In addition, the flight crew can react quickly in an emergency if the batteries are in the cabin.

Pay attention to the watt-hour limit of your airline

The number of batteries you can take on an airplane is not as important as their respective watt hours (Wh). According to the FAA website, if your batteries are less than 100 Wh, you can take as many as you want with you. If they are between 101 and 160 Wh, a maximum of two batteries may be carried.

Note, however, that FAA regulations do not apply to every airline or country. Be sure to find out about the regulations of the aviation authorities in the country you are going to and check the regulations of your airline.

Use an appropriate bag or suitcase

You will find a large selection of bags and suitcases in the DJI online store. We recommend using a hard case as transport box or a sturdy bag, if you want to check in your drone or if you are generally concerned about the safety of your drone. If you take your bag with you into the cabin, there are many additional bags to choose from, such as shoulder bags and rucksacks.

There you will also find special battery security bags. Especially if you are traveling with high-capacity batteries, you should take a battery safety bag with you. The bag mitigates burn damage and reduces the chance of surrounding objects catching fire.

Check local rules regulation

Wherever you go, always make yourself familiar with local rules and regulations.

Keep in mind that laws vary from country to country, and laws where you live may not apply anywhere else. Observe the regulations of the country you are visiting and find out more on the official website of the aviation authority.

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