Parrot Airborne Night Review

Parrot Airborne Night Review

Parrot Airborne Night Review


I had recently bought a couple of drones for my little niece – the Parrot Airborne Cargo and the Parrot Airborne Night. Click here for my review of Parrot Airborne Cargo, which costs just $66.99.  Before you do that, do read this Parrot Airborne Night Review.


Perfect for Kids!


Parrot Airborne Night is a really small and affordable mini-drone which costs just $66.99 and is a perfect toy for kids. It’s a really cool present to give to a child, and looks really great when you fly it at night, with its bright LEDs – almost like a UFO out of the TV series The X-Files!


Parrot Airborne Night Review


It’s easy to control the Airborne Night. All you need to do is to download the FreeFlight 3 app on your iPhone or Android. The Airborne Night is a compact little quadcopter that weighs just 1.2 pounds. It comes with a gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer, which allow it to both take off and land with ease. It’s a really cool gadget which your kids will love showing off to their friends.


Flying Experience


There’s a three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope which measure and analyze every possible movement or inclination of the Airborne Night so that it can both land and takeoff automatically. There’s an autopilot as well that corrects the direction and balance of the drone when in flight. Since it is a pretty small drone, the Airborne Night should only be flown indoors. You can fly it outdoors as well, as long as the conditions are not too windy outside. While it is quite tiny, it is still surprisingly stable in the air.


Parrot Airborne Night Review





The Parrot Airborne Night comes with propeller guards to protect the propeller from knocks and bumps. Naturally you will want it to have all the protection possible as you know how it’s like when kids get their hands on their own flying drone! The Airborne Night is quite strong and has a durable body. But don’t even think of repairing it if it gets damaged really badly; it’s far better just to have it replaced.




Now, the Parrot Airborne Night doesn’t have the best camera in the world. It just has a vertical camera which captures low resolution images of just 480×640 pixels and saves them into its built-in 1 GB memory. But since it’s just a toy for kids, that’s acceptable, one would imagine.


Parrot Airborne Night Review





The Parrot Airborne Night can be controlled from your iPhone, iPad or Android using the FreeFlight 3 app. It comes with three different modes with varying levels of complexity – Joypad, Normal and Ace – with Joypad being the easiest and Ace being the hardest. There are buttons on the app that allow for an automatic takeoff and landing. The drone hovers at 3 feet above the floor.


Parrot Airborne Night Review



Parrot Airborne Night – Pros and Cons



  • Costs just $79.99, which is pretty cheap and just perfect as a toy for kids.
  • It’s easy to connect the Airborne Night by Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android.
  • It can be controlled by the FreeFlight 3 app, which is really easy to use.
  • It takes off and lands automatically and comes with three simple modes for flying.
  • Your kids will love the Airborne Night’s bright LEDs, which are quite a sight in the dark.



  • You won’t get much flight time with the Parrot Airborne Night – just under 10 minutes.
  • It doesn’t fly higher than 15 feet above the ground.
  • The app can be confusing to use at times


Hope you enjoyed this Parrot Airborne Night Review. It makes for a perfect birthday gift for a child. Click here to buy it today, it only costs $66.99!


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4 thoughts on “Parrot Airborne Night Review

  1. Fray

    Awesome review! I’ve been looking at these, but wasn’t sure of the camera.

    I’m after something that I can carry around on my travels… small enough to fit in my backpack, but sturdy enough and with a good enough camera to get great scenery shots.

    Is anything that you can stick a GoPro to going to be big and bulky?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Fray, I´m glad that you enjoyed my article.

      If you are looking for something foldable and portable that you can carry around your travels, and small enought to fit in your backpack, and also that shoots high quality videos and pictures with a GoPro camera, you may want to see this article about the Flypro. Its a wonderfull choice for your travels.

      Hope it helped you.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. J Mario

    Great site and even greater reviews. All these different drones coming out , it is good to have someone giving honest reviews on them. I bought the microdrone 2.0 from the UK , it is cheap and durable . I wonder what are your thoughts on it

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi J Mario, I´m glad that you liked my Parrot Airborne Night Review.

      If you bought the Micro Drone 2.0 you did a good choice because this little drone is suitable for indoor and outdoor flying, Pre programmed algorithm to perform 360 degree flips, and it has a transmitter 2.4GHZ – Range of up to 120 Meters. Its not my first choice for a beginner, but with some practice you can make it.

      In a near future I will post here a review about this Micro Drone 2.0 with its Pros and Cons. Stay tuned.

      Thanks for your comment.


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