Sky Hero Spyder 6 Review

Sky Hero Spyder 6 Review

Sky Hero Spyder 6 reviewWe hope that this Sky Hero Spyder 6 review will help you decide whether this hexacopter is worth the money. To be more specific this is a radical hexacopter platform, capable of being transformed into a (12) motor medusa for the most insane in heavy lift capability. With the correct motor / prop combination, the Spyder 6 can lift up to a 9Kg (19.84 lbs.) payload, allowing a “sky’s the limit” approach to whatever application this platform can adapt to. Spyder 6 incorporates a dual quick-release long landing gear. It is interesting that Sky Hero Spyder 6 does not include any electronics. Motors, ESC, propellers and flight controller can be purchased separately.



Sky Hero Spyder 6 features hexa 6 layout. It has up to 9KG payload capacity and size of 1000 mm.
Regarding construction, it features high quality carbon fiber construction. When it comes togearsystem, it has integreated system with inertic design.

Sky Hero Spyder 6 Review

The design is amazing. Spyder 6 looks very modern and stylish. Its cool looking arms are made from 30 mm carbon fiber. You will need no tool to fold capability for easy of storage and transport. You can quick release it with the dual long landing gear system that also requires no tools.



You will additionally get flight controller, sky hero wiring set, LiPo Battery that needs to come with a LiPo Battery charger. In order to start and fly it you will need 6+ Channel transmitter and receiver.



While doing this  Sky Hero Spyder 6 review we must admit that we loved the features of it. It is a simple device with great flying capabilities. This hexacopter has great price when compared to the competition. While its take off time is little complicated, this drone can surely fit well in your collection. It has flawless, futuristic design surely give him compelling look. With great payload capacity and powerful motors, this drone beast is one of the best in its class.

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6 thoughts on “Sky Hero Spyder 6 Review

  1. Rocky

    Awesome reviews. I have been hearing a lot about drones on the news lately. They certainly seem to be well on the way to becoming our future delivery and possibly even our transit system soon.

      1. Jack cross

        Does this mean with the factory 6 motors it has a payload of 9kg or is that with it tracked out with 12 motors.
        And what issue meant by its a little tricky to take off. Is it unstable at first did it crash . Thanks

        1. Emanuel Post author

          Hi Jack, the Spyder 6 can lift up to 9Kg, when equipped with the correct motor / prop combination (12 motors).

          As for taking off, I mean the following:
          Due to its size and weight is not fast reacting, but it is very smooth at take off.

          This drone beast is one of the best in its class

          Thanks for your comment.


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