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With technology at its best, manufacturers are developing some of the coolest gadgets that have inspired millions of individuals. One such item that is increasingly popular among kids and adults is the incredible RC Helicopter, and Drones. Remember the days when remote controlled cars were thought to be the best technological excellence or fantasy. Although the remote controlled car industry has boomed, but the newest trend among hobbyist is flying RC choppers. There are number of models and designs on various brand names in the market. Since, the invention of the electrical and electronic RC helicopter, the whole RC world has seen a great surge in the RC toy market. It is the perfect time to get into this popular hobby, and the article will introduce new enthusiast to the three main kinds of RC helicopters.

It can get daunting in the beginning to start a new hobby and the amount of information one needs to Sky Herointernalize in order to make correct choices is huge. The purpose of this article is to put forth the basic material that all RC helicopter hobbyist need to understand. Let us get to it. There are three types of RC helicopter models including the Co-axial helicopter, fixed pitch helicopter, and the Collective pitch.

What is a Co-axial helicopter? This is one of the most popular type of beginner RC helicopters which consists of two main blade sets – one on top of the other rotating in the opposite direction. Some designs of RC copter utilizes a tail rotor that will help the chopper move forward and backward. The Coaxial is the best choice for beginner hobbyist as they are easy to fly and to control. They are less likely to crash and provide stable and dun flight experience.

Fixed Pitch RC Helicopters utilizes a single main blade and has a functional tail rotor that counteracts the torque produced by the main blade. Because the pitch or the angles of the blade cannot be altered, they are called fixed pitch. Most are designed for outdoor flight, but can be flown indoors depending on the space available as some tends to be larger in size. Compared to Co-axial helicopters, fixed pitch helicopters appear realistic, but are harder to fly. It is strongly recommend to practice with co-axial choppers before getting this advanced flying machine.

Sky HeroFinally, the Collective Pitch remote controlled helicopter is the most advanced flying bird, and it takes impressive skills to fly and good amount of time to learn the techniques needed for the perfect flight experience. With high demands, these are more expensive than the other two models, and they provide faster flight. However, these are recommended to advance users and it is best for beginner pilots to avoid them because they are costly and are prone to more crashes, if one have not mastered all the skills.

Sky Hero branded helicopters are ones that come under the third category. They require detailed understanding of how to operate and control their flying. However, with their advanced features and control methods, these Sky Hero helicopters are one of a kind and would entertain anybody. It serves many purposes other than just being a toy. Call or mail us to get a quote of these helicopters and you are sure to get benefited.

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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  1. Alexander

    You have a really well written website and I love the layout. Technology has come a long way these days and with drone technology now here – amazing! I know my nephew will love one of these! I wonder when my sister will get him one of these for Christmas, lol. I will certainly pass this website on to him but I am sure his dad will be going crazy!

    I am sure this will soon change how the mail is delivered very soon. Thanks for a great website and very interesting. I will be sure to come back for updates.


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