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Syma is celebrated for their manufacturing intuition and inventive outlines for radio controlled drones and helicopters. Using forefront hardware for their innovative work, the creation of these radio controlled flying machines are overseen by profoundly experienced and qualified architects in their plant to guarantee that their items are safe, and above all, good times!

Syma X5C

The Syma X5C is an Explorer’s quadcopter drone, made for the sole motivation behind revealing the shrouded niches and corners on the planet. The fun component is certainly there, with a full scope of control capacities to unleash through the X5C. Take movies or photographs utilizing the X5C from totally exceptional points and have a ton of fun doing it! There’s an unending rundown of conceivable outcomes to utilize the X5C for. What will you do your X5C? Here are a few components of the X5C ramble:

  • HD Camera Mounted Under The Drone
  • Permits up to 30 minutes of feature time (or around 800 photos)
  • Flying time up to 7 minutes with the included battery
  • Flying separation of around 50 meters
  • 6-pivot framework allows the quad to be dispatched by hand
  • 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft gives steadiness and simple taking care of
  • Rechargeable superior LiPo battery incorporated (3.7v 500mAh)
  • Full scope of control capacities (Includes flash lights, 360-degree twists and airborne aerobatic exhibition)

Through the utilization of extra batteries, you can twofold your flight time on the off chance that you so wish. Utilizing all the more intense batteries will yield stunningly better results. Then again, right out of the crate, the X5C will be all that could possibly be needed to present a considerable front in the automaton business. Click our catch beneath to look at the X5C!

SYMA radio controlled drones

SYMA radio controlled drones are a portion of the best passage level alternatives accessible to the Syma x5cclient why should look escape with some income sans work. They essentially offer 2.4 GHZ rambles with gyro adjustment. For sure, these machines are truly steady and afterward speedy when you require them to be. They offer these automatons at truly modest costs, of some place around 40$, that is quality for cash in the event that you ask us.

SYMA is a dedicated association that is obvious from its different items as well. One must acknowledge that they don’t generally set up much battle before business creatures like DJI, yet their low costs compensate for the deal. These automatons are not the most alluring ones, but rather then what they can do matters more, isn’t that right? SYMA for the most part accommodates the specialist portion of the automaton business, individuals who affection to lead an armada of automatons or the ones who are searching for their first flying automaton. The point of interest with the little size quadcopters is obvious in indoor utilization. Likewise, there are two methods of operations, one for cruising your way through, and the other for those captivating moves. There is sufficient force pressed in their apparently little radio controlled drones. Anyone would say that Syma drones are the best choice to have fun. It is not only for kids but also for adults and elders.

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “Syma

  1. cawells

    Wow, great post for a toy that would be great fun. It was through and would inspire the reader to investigate and purchase. Good looking page, interesting visuals. You should get a good response for this product. I would be curious to know how it does at Christmas time.

  2. Wachira

    Awesome review. Quick question though.
    7 minutes of flight time, Isn’t that short or is the standard flight time for most drones? I ask this coz I’m thinking about getting a drone. Are there drones with longer flight time?
    Thank you for your anticipated reply.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Wachira,about the flight time, it depends of which drone model you are flying, in this case, the Syma x5c you can fly up to 7/8 minutes per battery.What you can do, is purchase some additional batteries to have more flight time, they are very cheap actually.
      But there´s also other drones with longer flight time, per example the Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus, you can fly up to 25 minutes/battery. It all depends on which drone model you´re flying.
      I hope that helped you.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Have a great day.

  3. Todd

    Love reading about drones. When I have a bit more time and money, I will definitely be making a purchase. Thanks for posting such interesting information.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Todd, As soon you buy your first drone, you will be fascinated with all the things you can do with it.You won´t regret it.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Have a nice day.

  4. daniella

    Hi Emanuel,
    I love these gadgets , I think it’s really fun and helpful!
    I should consider to buy one for me.
    Thank you for this great article

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Daniella, it’s very easy to fall in love with these drones.If you’re considering in buying a drone,then buy it,you won´t regret it.You will have wonderful times with it.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Have a nice day.

  5. Gershon brook

    I am thinking of getting the syma x8c drone are there other batteries other than the 2000 mah that comes with the drone that will give more than the 7or 8 minutes flying time thank you gershon

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Gershon, the 7.4V 2000Mah battery allow you to fly normally around 7 minutes.

      There is an upgraded version of the Syma X8C Battery.(latest)
      It’s the Upgrade Syma X8C X8W Spare Part 7.4V 2200Mah 25C Battery with T Connector.
      It extends your flight time between 10%-15%.
      There are many people that are buying 2 or 3 extras batteries to add more flight time, because actually the batteries are becoming very affordables.

      I will show you where you can find the battery (latest version) at or Here (cheaper)

      I hope that I helped you, and please feel free to ask if you need to.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Gershon.
      Have a nice day

      Best regards,


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