Syma X5UW Review

Syma X5UW Review

Syma X5UW Review


Hey! Are you looking for a great toy drone for your kids? Then you need to read this Syma X5UW Review. The Syma X5UW costs only $79.90, which is a very good price indeed. Interested?


 What is it?


The Syma X5UW is an improved version of the Syma X5C-1. It has a sleek body type, looks quite attractive in its metallic paint. It comes with a decent remote control and is easy to handle. Plus it features a decent FPV camera system with Wi-Fi connectivity. Not bad!


Who is it for?

Syma X5UW Review


The Syma X5UW is for those who are new to drone flying and want to hone their skills. It is marketed at kids but can be flown by almost anyone of any age group. It is a great quadcopter to start with, but after a month or two of flying this drone, you should opt for something bigger and more powerful. Of course, if you have kids, this makes for a great birthday present for them.


How it helped?


I actually thought that Syma X5UW was very attractive. I have rarely seen a quadcopter of this size that looks so good. This drone looks pretty sharp in its metallic red color paint. It is smaller in size compared to its predecessor, the Syma X5C, but is every bit as powerful and robustly built. I quite enjoyed flying this drone.


Syma X5UW Features


Design and Build Quality – This drone has a very good build quality when you consider its low price. The body is made from plastic and it is quite light. The design is very good and the makers of this drone have made the most of the small space that is available to them. I liked how they have made the camera fit into the battery door.Syma X5UW Review





Camera – This drone comes with a Wi-Fi connected first person view camera which is okay for this price range. No, it is nothing more than a toy drone camera, but since it comes with first person view, Syma X5UW Reviewthis is something that will excite your kids.






Performance – The Syma X5UW is great to fly. It flies high and low, indoors and outdoors and is very agile and responsive in flight. I enjoyed flying this drone indoor in particular. Don’t expect it to give you too much of a flying time, but given that it costs only $79.90, I had little to complain about. Yes, I loved how quickly this drone takes off and how smoothly it lands. It is also quite stable in the air.Syma X5UW Review


 Syma X5UW Pros and Cons



  • I love the FPV camera
  • It takes off and lands automatically
  • Steady altitude hold
  • Free Syma Go application that comes with this drone
  • Superb landing gear
  • Weighs only 120g. This means you don’t need any FAA registration with this drone.



  • The camera is not the best, video quality is sub-par
  • You can’t adjust the camera angle
  • The battery cannot be easily replaced

  Why I recommend it?


The Syma X5UW is one of my favorite toy drones. I like that it is so good and so much fun to fly despite costing only $79.90. I recommend it highly!

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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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Syma X5UW


Design and Build Quality







  • It takes off and lands automatically
  • Steady altitude hold
  • FPV camera


  • The camera is not the best, video quality is sub-par
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