The Dji inspire 1 review

The Dji Inspire 1 Review


DJI are basically giants in the aerial drone industry. Dji Inspire 1 is one of their best products to date. This outstanding drone was one of the first drones with capability to shoot 4K videos. The dji inspire 1 review will surely help you on your decision to buy the dji inspire 1. That will depend on the features and the specs and the things it will enable you to do, but also from the Dji inspire 1 price. Dji Inspire 1 has one of the biggest price tags on the drone market.


Features and Specs



The outstanding 4K camera is one of the neatest and most stunning features of the Dji Inspire 1. The new quadcopter’s leading feature is 4K video capture from a DJI proprietary camera with a 94-degree angle of view. It records 4k videos at 30fps (it does 1080p at 60fps as well) and 12-megapixel stills. The camera rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts 125 degrees which will enable you to record stunning views and landscapes. The extra resolution also provides other advantages, like being able to crop in on an area of your footage without losing quality.

Regarding the built design there is a three-axis gimbal on which the camera is attached to for smooth video even with sudden movements or high winds. The whole thing looks sturdier, though, and more importantly it’s easily removable. So if you want to fly without the camera, replace it if it gets damaged or perhaps upgrade it in the future, it’s a no-tool affair.


The battery of the Dji Inspire 1 is solid. A fully charged battery gets you a listed 18 minutes of flying time. This can be little for some users, but there is an option to buy extra batteries that will extend flying time. On the other hand, while doing this Dji inspire 1 review we came to a conclusion that the Inspire 1 has a maximum range of 700m, and it can fly up to an altitude of 300 meters. You think that that’s nothing special, but its max speed is 50 mph, which is extremely fast. This drone has a lot of power.



Dji inspire 1 has nicely designed controller that looks retro-cute. Dji has made sure that you can use the remote to do both, fly the Inspire 1 and move the camera around and control some settings like exposure compensation, so you can make the picture lighter or darker on the fly. But the drone also supports a dual-controller setup for division of labor; which means that the one person can fly the drone, while another person controls the tilt and pan of the camera. Think about it, this is quite useful and interesting feature.



The controller also has DJI’s Lightbridge wireless transmitter technology that live-streams 1080p videoDji Inspire 1 Review to an iOS or Android device so you can set up shots at distances up to about a mile away (1.7 kilometers). We have tested the live stream and it looks stunning on a high-end Android smartphone!




We really hope that this dji inspire 1 review will help you to make a decision. In order to buy dji inspire 1 you will have several dji inspire 1 buy options and sales. The dji inspire 1 price will be $2,000+ depending on the place you buy it, whether there are dji inspire 1 sales or discounts, or whether you want to include additional equipment. This power, ultra-fly, cool drone is certainly worth the money with its stunning 4k camera, speed, design and control features. It is a drone beast!


dji inspire 1 review

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10 thoughts on “The Dji inspire 1 review

  1. edy

    Amazing dji inspire 1 review here.
    I have to agree that the 4K camera is outstanding.
    Shooting from the sky? Perfect way to capture awesome events in the surrounding without losing video quality.

    Would love to try the dji inspire 1 some day 🙂


  2. Gan

    Very nice and very informative. I am looking forward to future posts by you. At least now I know more about this gadgets

  3. Laura

    Hey, that’s not fair!
    I mean, here I am a normal person, without any exotic likes, now you come with this amazing drones! Such tiny, beautiful, expensive, flying things…..

  4. Peter

    I want to congratulate you, about your Dji inspire 1 review.You gave me a lot of useful information it.I will surelly buy it, it will be my birthdays gift.Thanks a lot,Emanuel.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Peter, I´m glad that you liked my article.If you´re gonna buy this Dji Inspire 1, you can be sure that you are buying a Top drone (very professional) and you won´t regret it.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.Enjoy it :).

  5. Pingback: Oscar

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Oscar, I´m glad that you liked my article about the Dji Inspire 1.

      In fact, the Dji Inspire 1 its a wonderful drone, for me one of the best.

      Thanks for your comment.


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