The GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review

The GoPro hero 4 silver review

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver Review


GoPro is a worldwide known producer of action cameras. Its brand is globally recognized and a standard for quality camera. In this GoPro Hero 4 Silver review, we will explain the features, the pros and cons and thus enable you valuable information that will help you decide whether this camera is worth buying.

Features and functionality

For the purpose of this GoPro Hero 4 Silver review we have used this action camera for around 10 days. As any other action camera, GoPro hero 4 silver is also small, light, aero/hydro-dynamic, and tough camera. You can bust it out in circumstances where using your phone would be impractical, or hazardous. You wouldn’t stick your phone to your surfboard and paddle out into six foot waves, to be real. Here is where GoPro hero 4 silver can be handy and useful.The GoPro hero 4 silver review

Using it for the last days, it is easy to say that GoPro Hero4 Silver looks and feels exactly the same as the Hero3+ Silver Edition, which we also loved, except for one crucial feature: for the first time ever, there’s a built-in 1.5-inch touch screen on the back (where the battery used to be), which helps you frame your shots and lets you review footage on the spot, rather than using the mobile app or waiting until you get to a computer.

What is in the package when you buy it? You’ll get the camera, a waterproof housing that’s good down to 131 feet (40 meters), skeleton and touch back doors, two adhesive mounts (one flat and one curved), horizontal and vertical quick-release buckles that attach to the bottom of the camera’s housing and a three-way pivot arm, so you can mount the camera on the top, front, or side of a helmet. There are no micro SD cards, so buy few just when you buy the camera. There is a removable easy-to-lose cover protecting Micro-HDMI and Mini-USB ports and a microSD slot supporting cards up to 64GB.

The camera is capable of recording 4K videos that are honestly mind-blowing and one of the best an action camera could take. Details are amazingly sharp, colors are more accurate, and critically, the GoPro has excellent dynamic range. The fact that the camera is waterproof will enable you to record some stunning videos in water surroundings.


Doing this GoPro Hero 4 Silver review we came to a conclusion that this camera produces solid video quality, one of the best on the market. Additionally it also has some handy new features including a touchscreen, making it one of the best little action cameras around. The built-in touchscreen makes previewing and reviewing and changing settings an easy thing to do. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver can be a great addition to your life and help you shoot some astonishing videos.

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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  1. Joshua

    Hi Emanuel, this is a very simplified review, I like the video too. This camera is definitely a game changer.

  2. Neil

    Great review – really informative and covers everything you need or would want to know about the Go Pro Hero 4 Camera. Thanks for sharing the post and review.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Thanks Neil, you´re welcome.I´m glad to know that you liked my post about the Gopro Hero 4 Silver review..
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Karl

    Hello, I enjoy reading through your post. You really helped me out in your review about the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.I just want to thank you.Keep up the good work.


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