The Hubsan X4 Pro Review

The Hubsan X4 Pro Review

The Hubsan X4 Pro Review


I’ve watched a new drone manufacturer come up recently and have been pretty impressed with their offerings. In this Hubsan X4 Pro review, I look at a new drone from the company that I had a chance to experiment with.

Hubsan X4 Pro competes in the same category as DJI Phantom and offers most of the features that the more popular DJI quadcopter possesses – but at a more affordable price. Now, Hubsan X4 Pro is not exactly cheap, it costs $ 780.00 on Amazon, but it is still very good and offers full value for your money.

It’s a perfect quadcopter for intermediate drone enthusiasts, those who have at least some experience of drones. I recommend buying the Hubsan X4 Pro especially if you are into drone photography. Let’s talk a bit more about this high end drone and what makes it worth your money in this Hubsan X4 Pro review.


Hubsan X4 Pro – Features


The X4 Pro has features such as altitude mode, GPS positioning and offers a top speed of 36 kmh. It gives you 25 minutes of flight time, which is actually more than what many other quadcopters would give you.  The drone can go up to 1500 meters and has a feature that allows it to return home automatically. It allows you to record its flight path with its inbuilt camera. You will have access to the live recording on a special app on your phone. Plus, this drone is capable of automatic take off and landing. Pretty impressive in my book.


The Hubsan X4 Pro Review

Hubsan X4 Pro – Design


The X4 Pro has a very lightweight body and is made of very tough and durable plastic. The drone is armed with a 3D camera gimbal and a 1080P camera. It can be mounted with a GoPro camera as well, which is the preferred option of many drone photographers. One thing I liked is that it comes with an emergency parachute system. The parachute can be reused again and again.


The Hubsan X4 Pro Review


Hubsan X4 Pro – Flying Experience


As I said earlier, the Hubsan X4 Pro has an impressive flight time of 22 to 25 minutes, no complaints about that. It carries a weight of up to 1.43 pounds, in addition to its built-in components. So this is an impressive payload capacity.

The flight time depends on the payload – the less weight the drone carries, the higher will be the flight time. It goes up to a top speed of 13 miles/hour – which is not really fast. The speed can get lower depending on the wind pressure and direction. It can fly up to 250 metres above sea level and pretty much can fly in any condition.


Hubsan X4 Pro – Camera


I liked the built-in camera that Hubsan X4 Pro comes with. It offers 3 megapixels of resolution, which may not necessarily be the best you will get. X4’s built-in camera shoots videos in 1080p and does deliver a high-level video. But this should be good enough for recreational purposes. If you want something more than this, then I recommend attaching GoPro cameras to the Hubsan X4 Pro mount.


The Hubsan X4 Pro Review



The Hubsan X4 Pro Review – Final Thoughts


The Hubsan X4 Pro is an above average high end drone which is cheaper than the other drones in its category such as DJI Phantom and 3D Robotics Iris. It costs $ 780.00 which is not cheap, but still reasonable. It is ideally suited for those who are into drone photography, but you will need to purchase a GoPro camera to go with it. I’m reasonably pleased with this quadcopter and recommend it to my readers.


The Hubsan X4 Pro Review

I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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Battery Life





  • Altitude Mode
  • GPS Positioning
  • It can be mounted with a GoPro Camera


  • Camera offers 3 MP
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4 thoughts on “The Hubsan X4 Pro Review

  1. Emma

    Now drones could easily be something I I could get into! I have always loved remote controlled toys-trains, planes, cars and helicopters but my brothers were always the ones who were given them for birthdays and Christmas! Yes sometimes is sucks being a girl!
    That being said I love your website, its looks like a lot of fun to fly drones!

  2. sandra

    I like the video. It looks like it provides pretty good quality images. But you suggest adding the GoPro camera to it. Do you know how much that costs?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Sandra, the camera that comes with the Hubsan X4 Pro its a great camera, but if you are looking for something more “professional” then I recommend attaching GoPro cameras to the Hubsan X4 Pro mount.

      About the GoPro cameras price you can find it in here.

      Thanks for your comment.


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