The Syma X11C Review

 The Syma X11C Review

The Syma X11C Review

If you are looking for a quality and affordable quadcopter the first company you want to contact is Syma. They are well known for their low cost quadcopters. So, I decided to do this Syma X11C Review in order to present you what this quadcopter contains and what it can enable you. Right at the start I would like to emphasize that this quadcopter is definitely for beginners. People that want to fly quadcopters for the first time and to learn how to fly a quadcopter. For all the advanced users, I would recommend something better, you can find various quadcopter here on my website.

Specs and Features

Syma X11C is basically a micro sized quadcopter. That means that you can also fly it inside your home. In the package you will get the X11C Quadcopter equiped with LED light and 2.0MP HD Camera with the prop guards already installed. Then there is the Transmitter, which is little smaller and you can control it with your thumbs. Additionally, there is 3.7v Lipo (200 mah) battery and USB charger. Just in case there are extra set of propellers.

The Syma x11c review

The X11C weights 35.4 grams. The X11C without prop guards or battery weights 26 grams, while the stock battery and prop guards weight 9.4 grams. The X11C uses geared motors, that enable slightly better formed proppelers than the similar micro quads. This will enable you more stable flights and maneuvers.

Ok, so that are the specs so now I want to inform you about the flying. The battery should take 35-40 minutes to charge if you use the USB charger. In order to start you need to slide the battery cover down and off, and insert 4AA batteries in the proper configuration. The LED light will stop flashing when the battery is ready. After that you can start it.

The Syma X11C Review


After you start it with your transmitter make sure it is up 1 foot above the ground. Then you can control it. As an Xbox 360 owner I can confirm that this transmitter is similar to the controller used in the Xbox. It is so easy to use. The flying is very easy and you can freely try it indoors for the first time. You can also fly it around outside. The X11C has decent flight manners, offers great flight and great control.


So, while doing this in the Syma X11C review I can only say that this quadcopter has great value for money. It has exceptionally good flight manners. The controller is amazing, easy to manipulate and use.  It is a durable quadcopter and it can survive crushes. The specs and features are great for that price. Syma X11C is a great quadcopter for beginners and families.

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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

Kind regards,

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18 thoughts on “The Syma X11C Review

  1. Jessy

    Oh sweet this actually so cool

    I always loved flying things…..but now with technology adding cameras there a whole new way of making videos.

    Great review, will definitely look into this….

  2. Keye

    Hello, I have never owned a quadcopter but I really want to take it up as an hobby now. I have a few questions and I hope someone is able to answer them. First off, does the camera affect the battery or is that separate? Are parts of an usual quadcopter like this one replaceable? If so, how many parts? Could I essentially upgrade every part as long as it fits on the “skeleton” of the copter?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Keye, about the Camera, each time you turn it on, it will affect the battery, reducing your flight time.About the replaceable parts of this Syma X11C, you can replace almost everything like, the battery, the propellers, the fuselage, protecting frames, gear, motor, usb charger, transmitter, Camera PCB box, and the motor holder.I hope that I helped you.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

        1. Emanuel Post author

          Hi Jaeden, can you be more specific?

          Did you put the SD card into the card reader, and plug it into the PC to see if there are any videos in the card?

          Are you sure that you have pressed the Record Video button while flying it?

          Did you try to record something in that SD card with another equipment, like another camera or a smartphone, to see if there are any issues with your card?

          Let me know if that works.


  3. Sonia

    Hi Emanuel,

    I enjoyed reading your review. I find the Syma quadcopter to be quite small and light. And I am not an expert, so I guess that it will be perfect for me. Do you need a license to fly this quadcopter? And I’m wondering what is the range of the Syma X11C, are far can it fly with it?

    You mentioned that the batteries are charged in about 40 minutes for how long can I fly before having to recharge them?

    And lastly, the camera is an HD camera, but do you really get a good video quality?


    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Sonia, to fly this quadcopter you don´t need a license. According to Syma, the range of the RC transmitter is 100m.
      The battery lets you fly for 7 minutes (overall) without the camera turned on.If you turn on the camera you will have about 5 or 6 minutes of flight time.
      About the Camera, given that there is no stabilization, video footage is going to be very shaky and buzzy, and overall image quality is not very good. Still, for practicing filming and flying its not bad at all, and outdoors in good light you can get some pretty decent shots.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Thomas

    This looks like a pretty neat little thing to have. What’s the difference between a quadcopter and the drones you hear about everyone flying these days through fireworks and the sort? Does it have problems flying when it’s really windy? Do you get a warning the battery is almost drained or does it just fall out of the sky?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Thomas, today, it’s normal to treat drones as a quadcopters, because some drones use four propellers, but not all drones use the four propellers, we have also the hexacopters (6 propellers) and so on.So you can treat drones as a quadcopters, thats ok with it.
      If there is only, a little wind you can control it, but if a stronger wind appears, you will have many difficulties to control it.
      About the battery, when it is 1 minute from the end, you will have a LED indicator on the transmitter that warns you, that the battery is almost drained.
      I hope that helped you.
      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  5. Chris

    Awesome stuff – me and my ten year old son have had an interest in quadcopters ever since I purchased him a cheap Sega alternative. It was made out of a sort of ‘box filler’ material and only cost about $30 but he got the general idea off it ( and so did I ).
    What would be your recommendation for a model that younger boys could handle? A sort of starter kit for that age?

  6. Jolie

    This looks like an awesome little drone. One of my friends got me a RC helicopter for my birthday a few years back which was heaps of fun, but unfortunately a few too many wayward flights (or crashes) put that little helicopter in an early grave.

    Is there any benefit to the quadcopters over a single rotor copter? I have heard they are more stable and easier to fly, but I’ve not had the chance to try one before.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Jolie, the benefit of flying a quadcopter over a single rotor copter, its that the quadcopters are more stable and easier to fly.If you never had a quadcopter, then this Syma X11C it´s a good choice, you won´t regret it.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Best regards,

  7. Stephanie

    The Syma X11C looks like a lot of fun for the money. I’m happy to see the xbox controller and the extra propeller. It’s a cute little machine but will it give me the expertise to move up to a larger, more sophisticated machine?
    Thanks for this review and very interesting site.

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Stephanie, the Syma X11C it’s a good drone for beginners because its very simple to fly with it, (indoor/outdoor) you will have full control of it all of the time, and its a very affordable quadcopter, made by a very well recognized brand, such as Syma.

      I hope that helped you, and thanks a lot for your comment.

      Best Regards,

  8. Tobias Mattisson

    It look so cool these quadcopters.
    The page looks great and well done.
    i have checked a couple of models in your page and I´m trying to decide.

    Can you give me an advice of a small indoor quadcopter i can use?

    i will check back for more reading.
    Best regards Tobias Mattisson


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