The Walkera Runner 250 Review


Walkera Runner 250 Review

The Walkera Runner 250 Review

In this Walkera Runner 250 review, we focus on the latest craze among drone flyers – FPV racing. Perhaps the most amazing thing you can do with RC drones is FPV racing. FPV means first person view, where the pilot gets the same visuals that his drone does, and nothing else.

FPV racing is very popular with the drone community and people have compared the feeling to being in the middle of a Star Wars fight scene. For an FPV race, you need a 250 size FPV quad and there are none that are more cost-effective in this niche than the Walkera Runner 250. Walkera Runner 250 is a simple device, but powerful, and comes equipped with a FPV camera & transmitter.

The Walkera Runner 250 Review


While Walkera has always come up with highly affordable drones, with Runner 250, it has probably latched on to a real winner. The Walkera Runner 250 comes packed with several innovative features designed specifically for the FPV racing fraternity. Its modular design allows you to change components damaged during a race in no time at all.

What makes Walkera Runner 250 so special is that it is the first mini-quadcopter for FPV racing that has been designed by a mainstream consumer drone company. So far, all FPV racers were made by small, niche companies. The entry level model from Walkera is reasonably priced as well.


Walkera Runner 250 review – What to Expect from Runner 250?

With the Walkera Runner 250, you get speed controllers, flight controller, an FPV transmitter, a receiver, an OSD as well as LED Lights. These are plugged into the integrated printed distribution board which means no soldering is required. Walkera Runner 250 is easy to build and can be repaired quickly in between races.

The Walkera Runner 250 Review

Runner 250 is very compact and consists of a full carbon fiber main frame, which is very much capable of handling high speed gate collisions that are just inevitable during an FPV race. The built in front and rear LED lights provide much needed orientation when flying the Walkera Runner 250 in line of sight.

Walkera Runner 250 comes with 2100Kv motors and matched ESC’s, a special Runner 250 flight control system and really tough and rugged, self-tightening composite propellers. This makes Walkera Runner 250 just perfect whether you are a total beginner or a pro who has participated in hundreds of FPV races in the past.


What Makes the Walkera Runner 250 So Special?


The biggest reason to like Runner 250 is that is costs just $299 on Amazon, which is a great price indeed, considering what the other FPV-racers such as BlackOut mini-H quad or a DJI kit with motors and ESCs sell for – over $450.  Sure, there are faster and more powerful mini-quads out there, but none that are as cost-effective as Walkera Runner 250.

We hope you enjoyed this “The Walkera Runner 250 review“. If you are excited about FPV racing, we encourage you to buy a Walkera Runner 250 today! You may make your order here.

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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “The Walkera Runner 250 Review

  1. Matthew

    This is the first time I’ve ever read a post on recreational RC drones. The thought of racing, especially FPV racing, is exciting and appealing. But I’ve never flown a drone before, ever. Can you recommend a good starter drone if I wanted to try my hand at it?

  2. Frangelo

    Hey Emanuel, Thanks for the review. I’ve been curious about drones and what they can do. Might go for one in the future. What distance away from you can these things fly? Also can they carry anything light weight? I didn’t know people raced them! That sounds like its going to be a growing sport!

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Frangelo, I´m glad that you enjoyed the Walkera Runner 250 Review.If you ever decide to go for one in the future, I recommend you to read this article first
      It will help you a lot, on which drone to start with.

      With the walkera Runner 250 you can fly it, up to 1000m distance from you.
      But there are other quadcopters that fly up to 2Km, like the Phantom3 Series for instance, or even little quadcopters that fly away from you 50-100m.
      It all depends on the brand and model of the quadcopter.You have many options out there.Its a growing market!

      About carrying weight, well none of these are specialy designed to carry weight, only a camera.
      But it already exists drones today, that carry some heavy weight, for agriculture for example.
      Amazon, for instance, they want, in a near future do some deliveries through Drones.They are only waiting FAA permission.

      I´m planning in a future article, write something about heavy weight drones.:)

      Yes, the FPV-Racing its going to be a growing sport!

      I really appreciate your comment, and hope that helped you.

      Best regards,

  3. Frangelo

    I forgot an important question I had about Drones…. How do you think they compare to remote control helicopters or airplanes?

  4. Dan

    Hi Emanuel,

    I just purchased the basic kit RTF Walkera Runner 250. I am a pretty experienced flyer and my go-to up until now has been a Dromida Ominus Quad. I am a little concerned at some of the reviews I have read claiming that the Runner 250 breaks very easily but I just wanted something cheap to get into FPV racing. As long as I am being careful and aware of my surroundings, from what you have seen, is the Walkera Runner 250 very fragile?

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Dan, if you just purchased the Walkera Runner 250, you won’t be disappointed.

      Runner 250 is very compact and consists of a full carbon fiber main frame, which is very much capable of handling high speed gate collisions that are just inevitable during an FPV race.

      I never had any major problems with the Walkera Runner 250, unless some scratches.

      As long as you are being careful and aware of your surroundings, you will have no major problems.

      Thanks for your comment.


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