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Science and technological development has led to the invention of more and more sophisticated toys for children to play and also to have fun. There are also plenty of adults and even elders that are interested to play with some of these outstanding games and toys. As they are made with great delicate care that these products do identically resemble the original brands, it is interesting to play with them.

Among them are Walkera remote control helicopters which are available in a wide range in different Walkeradesigns, models, colours, shapes and sizes. The functions of these playful products are also of a wide range and it is the characteristic feature of the specific model. It is why these products are placed in a different range of prices according to the features that they do incorporate in them. The price range is also quite varying according to the availability of different features in the Walkera RC helicopter.

Walkera helicopter is the most outstanding model preferred by most buyers. Nine eagle helicopters is one among the best seller in the recent years. Walkera ladybird, Walkera mx400, Walkera super fp, RC plane and variety of items are there to impress you almost instantly at the first sight.

The Walkera RC helicopter features a flight stabilizing systems, high weight air frames, proportional controls, altitude and rotor speed controls. It comes with a remote control hence the name. It is usually assemble and that means it is ready to take the first flight right from the box! The copters can be classified into two broad categories: the mini type and the advanced type. This classification is based on the number of channels and the experience that the user ought to have.

WalkeraThe mini type category include: the 2 channel WALKERA RC Helicopters. They are called the 2 channel because they have two functional radio channels. This is a good type for kids and starts. They are designed to fly around the house or indoors. A simple push of the throttle control and the device is up in the air. This category offers great entertainment for all ages, kids and adults alike. If you are buying a copter for your little one, this would be a good category to choose from. An example of a 2channel model is the SYMA-2 Channel Dragon Fly.

The advanced category includes the 3channel and the 4 channel WALKERA RC Helicopters. They are referred to as advanced because they require a little bit of experience to fly them. It doesn’t mean that they are difficult to fly though. They may be a bit larger and more stable though compare to the 2 channel type. The distinction in this case is still the number of channels that the model have in that one has 3 functional radio channels and the other one has 4 functional radio channels.

The 3 channel WALKERA RC Helicopter offers a great starting point for the advanced category. These copters have three functional radio channels. Most of the 3 channel copters would be suitable for indoor flying. The flight time will vary depending on the model. Copters in this category are suitable for persons above the age of 14 years. An example of a 3channel model is the 3.5 channel Syma S108G, 3channel micro Chinook, the 3channel Hawspy LT-711 with Gyro and Spycam.

The 4 channel WALKERA RC helicopter is larger and more advanced type. They have four functional Walkeraradio channels. They are larger and more stable. They are fully controllable in all directions. Either up, down, left, right, forward, backwards or even spin them. Just like the 2 and 3 channel models, they are suitable for indoor use. However, they can be used outside when it is not windy. The single bladed models like the E-SKY Honeybee and the Walkera 4G1B are outdoor trainer models.

You could call them to be radio control helicopter too. The product catalogue is available in the site for the client’s reference. Description of the particular product as well as the specifications of the dimensions and features is also mentioned by the side of each and every diagram or picture. Hence, it is quite easy for you to ascertain your type of products and items appropriately and select them for purchase.

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