Walkera QR X900 Review

Walkera QR X900

Walkera QR X900 Review

Hey there! Are you looking for a Walkera QR X900 review? The Walkera QR X900 is a mammoth, one of the biggest consumer drones out there. It is a hexacopter and costs US$ 4,399.00 – certainly not cheap. So how does this powerful drone fare in an actual test? Let’s find out!

What is it?

The Walkera QR X900 is a product of the Chinese drone manufacturer Walkera. This is a powerful hexacopter with enormous battery power. It features a single range extender and a GenSmart methanol motor which charges the battery when the drone is in the air. This is a very thoughtful and innovative approach indeed.

Walkera QR X900 Review

One issue you will find with this drone is that the engine can get very noisy. In that case, you can switch on the stealth mode, which disables the charger, so that the drone can run only on the battery. This hexacopter gives you a flying time of 16 minutes in the stealth mode.

Apart from the power system, the Walkera QR X900 is a collapsible and folding hexacopter capable of heavy lifting, which comes with retractable carbon fiber landing legs. It is also equipped with GPS tracking and barometric stabilization. It is capable of carrying a heavy camera load such as the Canon 5D MkIII camera.

Walkera QR X900 Review

 Who is it for?

This drone is certainly not for hobbyists. It is marketed at professional users and for application such as agricultural, research, security surveillance, and surveying. The Walkera QR X900 is for professional drone photographers who know their stuff. It can also be used by filmmakers, real estate marketers, marketing agencies and other professionals who need high quality drone photography.

Walkera QR X900 Features

Stability in Air – This drone is equipped with an advanced flight control system that gives it a high level of stability in flight. It is capable of maintaining its composure even in turbulent weather conditions.

Default Parachute Protection – You don’t have to worry about the aircraft getting out of control as it comes with a parachute that activates automatically to allow it to land safely. So your expensive investment in the drone is well protected.

Walkera QR X900 Review

Portable Design – The Walkera QR X900 has a foldable design. This means it is easy to carry around and is very portable. All you need to do is to raise the motor arms and fix the locks to fly it anytime you want.

 Simple but Elegant – The Walkera QR X900 has a very simple construction. It features a GPS, a control system, a gimbal, batteries and more integrated into one single panel. The drone is easy to install or dismantle.

Walkera QR X900 Review

“Smart” Hexacopter – This is a “smart: drone, which means it allows for the automatic inspection of the controller transmitter, main system, GPS tracking and any malfunctioning part.

 Why I recommend it?

I am very impressed with the Walkera QR X900. It was specifically built for high quality professional drone photography and does as promised. It is a powerful and capable of carrying a heavy payload. It can handle all the rigors of an outdoor shoot. Recommended!

You can buy Walkera QR X900 here

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  • Stability
  • Portable Design
  • Default Parachute Protection


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