What exactly is an FPV drone

FPV stands for the First Person View. In the drone world, that means going to fly the drone as if you were in the cockpit. The drone’s camera then becomes your eyes and you visualize the live video feedback in a helmet or FPV goggles. You can, like a video game, steer your drone using a remote control. The practice of FPV therefore requires three elements: the drone, an FPV helmet and a radio control. To this must be added the batteries, receivers and propellers.

The different FPV practices

 As we have seen already, in the event that there are a few sorts of FPV drones, there are moreover a few ways to hone it. Speed, acrobatics, shooting and everyone can enjoy it. We explain these different practices to you:

Freestyle FPV

The name is quite ambiguous, freestyle designates a fairly acrobatic practice where the pilots combine free races and figures. This includes for example proxy (flying near obstacles), open field (flying in large open spaces) but also “Sbang” (very engaged figure at ground level). In freestyle, we will try to give dynamic and smooth movements to the drone by chaining dives (dive) and faster passages (ride).

Race FPV

Race means speed here. Fly as fast as possible in classic or endurance mode. The race, therefore requires powerful engines and an aerodynamic chassis, while remaining quite compact. The ground where we practice the race outdoors has different gates and flags. There are two main types: the FFAM breed which comes from the name of the French Aeromodelling federation and the BBQ breed, more chill which consists of linking sessions with friends around a barbecue.

Kinematics FPV

Kinematics refers to the more artistic and creative bent of the FPV drone. In kinematics, we will try to perform gentle movements while trying to represent the spirit of speed of the practice. The term has been democratized in France thanks to videographers who exhibit their short films made in drones on YouTube (Stéphane Couchoud etc.). The kinematic frames are streamlined with bumpers which absorb shocks. Most can accommodate an HD camera, the type GoPro with which the pilots can work their image, then in post-production via the ReelSteady software.

Freeride FPV

Freeride is the corner without opposites of the FPV drone. The practice of freeride does not have any rules, it is a free practice, for the pleasure of piloting. It can consist of chasing passages (subject tracking), long range (long distance) but also band sessions (in disused places). The movements are varied, the free rider can chain gaps and down hills without pressure, taking maximum pleasure.

BNF, PNP, RTF: how to navigate

These names are not yet familiar to you? No worries, we take stock of all the FPV abbreviations to remember:

RTF (Ready to fly)

This refers to drones delivered ready to fly right out of the packaging. They integrate all the electronics as well as the receiver and the radio control. An ideal configuration if you do not have a remote control, batteries or charger.

BNF (Bind and Fly)

Literally “pair and fly”, refers to drones delivered fitted with an integrated radio receiver but without radio control. You must pair (“binder”) your remote control before flying. Remember to check the compatibility of your radio control transmitter with the receiver in the drone.

ARF (Almost Ready to Fly)

ARF drones are neither equipped with a radio control nor a receiver. Note that they have more or less built-in elements. We invite you to consult the product content to know the level of equipment of the drone.

PNP (Plug and Play)

Literally “plug and use”. PNP drones deliver without radio control, receiver, battery(s) or charger(s). An ideal configuration if you already have your equipment or have specific expectations about it.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

“to assemble yourself” are drones delivered in a kit and to assemble or configure with your own hands.

Do you see a little more clearly about the vast world of the FPV drone? You can check out our buying guide for more.

Professional Drone Sellers

You may discover a entire community, section of market committed to the FPV drone. They offer the biggest brands of FPV drones like Team BlackSheep (TBS), BetaFPV or Diatone. A large selection of drone chassis will allow you to build your FPV drone yourself. If, however, you want to practice and practice the FPV drone indoors, there are some company who offers checking out and operating drones before buying.

There are seller companies that offer a very wide range of accessories and parts for FPV drones which will allow you to equip and customize your machine. Even if you succumb to an RTF or ARF (ready to fly or almost ready to fly) machine, you can improve it over time by modifying components. A real must for those who like to tinker and have the latest generation components.

All the parts for your FPV drone

Engines for FPV drones

All the engines allowing you mini moderator to fly correctly. The motorization of a drone racer is divided into two parts, on one side the motors and on the other the controllers (ESC). Some of the best engines among the most famous brands (in-flight, Xnova, T-motor, Flywoo, Lumenier, Xilo, Racerstar, BetaFPV).

ESC for FPV drone

Discover all the specialized ESCs for the FPV drone. Whether they are BLHeli or SimonK flashed, these ESCs are extremely light and efficient. They will prove to be perfect for managing the power supply to the motors of your drone. You will find the biggest brands like Flywoo, Frsky, T-Motor, Holybro, Hobbywing.

Flight controllers for FPV drone

 Find here all the flight controllers, allowing you to stabilize your drone and perform the most impressive acrobatics (loops, rolls). We find the most famous brands in the segment: Flywoo, Holybro, Furious FPV, flight, Flyduino, BetaFPV, T-Motor.

Propellers for FPV drone

 All propellers suitable for your FPV drone. There are two types of propellers for mini racers, carbon propellers, very shock resistant and plastic propellers. In this discipline, propellers are consumable! You will find the biggest brands like ethics, Azure Power, HQ Prop, DAL prop, Gem fan.

FPV Drone Accessories

Most drone sellers offer a wide range of accessories for the FPV drone: from the transport bag, to the straps to fix your batteries on your FPV drone, you will inevitably find something to customize your racing drone equipment.

Batteries and chargers for the FPV drone

 The battery is one of the main elements for your FPV drone. The tension it offers will (strongly) influences the behavior of the machine and its weight has a huge influence on the liveliness of your racing drone. The battery is one of the main elements for your FPV drone. The tension it offers will (strongly) influences the behavior of the machine and its weight has a huge influence on the liveliness of your racing drone.  

Video transmission and FPV for the FPV drone

Video feedback, when you fly your drone racer, is one of the most important elements. In an FPV drone, it must be both fluid, parasite-free and obviously without latency. We offer a wide range of products with particularly interesting features! Whether you are transmitting analog or digital, you will find a system adapted to your machine. You will discover a large number of helmets and goggles from the biggest brands like Fat Shark, DJI and Eachine.

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