What is DJI Care

DJI, leader of the civil drone market in 2021, has been offering paid insurance DJI Care for a few years. It will cover accidents and possible glitches related to problems of loss of signal, piloting and accidents of all kinds.

This insurance is available for the different models of the Chinese brand. This includes the Phantom range, Mavic, the Spark and almost any other product of the brand.

The service was previously called DJI Care but has evolved for about 2 years to become DJI Care Refresh . Bonus: DJI is now offering an additional 1-year extension through its DJI Care Refresh + service!

Is it really necessary to take out this insurance?

If you already own a multirotor or have already started your search for a new drone, you should know that a quadcopter is a significant investment.

The average price being around 600 euros for a video drone , much more for DJI models which are considered top of the range in leisure drones.

Any experienced pilot will tell you, it’s only a matter of time before you crash.

Drone crash

With the DJI care, you can really fly with peace of mind!

This cover protects you from major accidents you are likely to face, giving you confidence and protecting your investment!

I would like to point out that this is not a product warranty, all products of the Chinese brand being sold with a free 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If your drone crashes due to a software or firmware problem, DJI Service will look at your flight reports and refund your drone or repair it at no cost.

How does this insurance work?

When you order your DJI-branded multirotor, you have the option of choosing DJI Care optional before paying for your purchase. If you do not take this insurance when purchasing the product and change your mind, you will still have the possibility of activating the DJI care during the 48 hours following the activation of the drone!

There are 2 plans , one offering 6 months coverage and the other 12 months/1 year. Only the duration of coverage changes when comparing these two plans which offer the same options here.

Once you add it to basket, you get a request to give your names and contact details for the allocation of the DJI care linked to the serial number of your product.

Thereafter, you will simply have to contact DJI customer service in the event of a problem, they will arrange to send the drone express for repair, free of charge.

Protecting your investment can be a good choice.

What does this insurance cover?

This offer covers any type of damage to the drone, its gimbal and camera, so you should be good in most cases.

Here are some examples:

  • You crash on the roof of your house on your first flight, you’re covered!
  • You’re near a balltrap field and someone shoots down your crashing multirotor, you’ve got your back covered!
  • You take advantage of a day outdoors to take some aerial photos and radio interference causes your Phantom to take a tree for your landing pad, you will be covered!
  • You try the subject tracking mode and your drone ends up in a wall (because no obstacle avoidance for example), you are covered!

What is not covered by DJI care

Here is a list of examples where insurance will not work:

  • Intentional accidents. You want to become a web star and decide to intentionally set fire to your Phantom, this will obviously won’t covered!
  • Water damage ! Any type of problem related to water in general. If your drone falls into a lake, you won’t be covered!
  • Everything related to civil liability. If you injure yourself or someone else or damage someone else’s equipment, you will not be covered!
  • If you practice long-distance flight and you lose your machine or some of its accessories, you will not be covered! You will need to find your drone and its accessories before any request.

DJI Care becomes DJI Care Refresh!

DJI Care only covers older DJI models like the Phantom 4, all Phantom 3 (except SE) and Inspire 1.

For the new drones by the Chinese brand such as Mavic, Spark, Phantom 4 Pro and so on, the plan is DJI Care Refresh!

How does the DJI Care Refresh work?

This “Refresh” plan, billed annually, entitles you to 2 replacement units in the event of a crash or technical problem. The program covers various types of accidents like water damage (unlike regular DJI Care) and collisions.

It is obviously much less cheap than the first version of DJI Care presented above but offers more complete coverage and up to 2 replacements of your drone per year. Here DJI guarantees a replacement of your drone with a new new or refurbished drone.

DJI has changed its coverage here to adapt to the needs of the market, which demanded better levels of coverage, a more comprehensive plan covering in particular water damage.

Here are the compatible DJI devices or products:

With their new DJI Care Refresh Plus, you also have the option of extending your 1-year warranty on your compatible DJI device or product. You will also get an additional repair or replacement at a preferential price in the event of a problem!

Discover the DJI Care Refresh Plus

In any case, remember to read the terms of use carefully in order to check that the contract corresponds to your expectations so as not to have any surprises…

Good flight !

Frequently asked questions

How do I register my drone’s DJI Care?

To take advantage of the DJI Care service, you must register your drone online. You must do this within 48 hours of activating your drone online. Or within 30 days of activating your camera or stabilizer.

Difference between DJI Care Refresh and DJI Care Refresh +?

The DJI Care Refresh + is a kind of warranty extension of the DJI Care Refresh. This is a simple renewal that extends your insurance by one year and offers an additional repair.

How to file a claim following a crash or accident?

If there is a problem, contact DJI Customer Service online to initiate a repair. Let them know your number received when registering your DJI Care. The company will take care of the transport of your product and will communicate with you about the repair.

Can I use my DJI insurance while traveling?

This service is only available in the country in which you took out your insurance.

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