Yuneec Typhoon G Review

Yuneec Typhoon G ReviewYuneec Typhoon G Review


Yuneec is a Chinese aviation company that is making a lot of waves in the drone community. I am very impressed with the Yuneec Typhoon range of quadcopters. I have reviewed the Yuneeec Typhoon Q500 and Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k. This Yuneec Typhoon G review is a continuation of that.

There are no major differences between the Typhoon G and Typhoon Q500 4K, except that Typhoon G can be mounted with an external camera and does not come with an in-built 4k video camera. So if you already have a GoPro camera with you, you would be better off buying the Yuneec Typhoon G because of the cost advantages – it costs $499.02, which is cheaper than the Typhoon Q500.

Before I discuss more Yuneec Typhoon G features, here’s a quick company profile of Yuneec.

Yuneec is an ambitious, fast rising Chinese technology company that got an investment of $60 million from Intel recently. The Yuneec Typhoon series directly competes with the DJI Phantom series. Intel was obviously pleased with the progress made by Yuneec in the consumer drone segment, where it has emerged as a competitor to the industry leader, DJI.


What I like about the Yuneec Typhoon G

Great Design


The Yuneec Typhoon has a very drone-like design. There is no confusion at all, and neither is there an effort to be “cute” with the design. What you see is what you get. I find this to be very impressive.  The Yuneec Typhoon is one mean-looking drone. It means business; it is portable, lightweight and easily detachable. It is also quite large, much larger than DJI Phantom. The Typhoon G can be mounted with a GoPro camera, which makes it different from Typhoon Q500 and Typhoon Q500 4K.


Yuneec Typhoon G Review



Excellent Flight Time


The Typhoon G gives you a flight time of 25 minutes which is pretty impressive. However, the flight time depends on a number of conditions. If you are flying in cold weather, for example, you will get a much shorter battery life, and hence less flight time. You should ideally return home when there is less than 25% of the battery life left. You will know exactly when that happens, because the Yuneec ST10 transmitter will let you know.


A Smart Controller


The ST10 transmitter or controller acts as your own personal ground station. It comes with a built in touchscreen and gets an above average FPV (first person view) video feed. You can record your flight using the GoPro camera and see what your camera is seeing in real-time on the ST10 monitor. This digital video link has a range of 400 meters which is pretty good.


Yuneec Typhoon G Review


 3-Axis Precision Gimbal for GoPro camera


The Yuneec Typhoon G has a 3-axis gimbal which stabilizes the GoPro cameras during the flight. This ensures that there is no shakiness of any sort in the live feed that you get from the GoPro camera mounted on the Typhoon G. There is an additional feature called SteadyGrip which is connected to the 3-axis gimbal and ensures that you get the smoothest possible footage from mid-flight.


Yuneec Typhoon G Review



 The Yuneec Typhoon G Modes


The Yuneec Typhoon G comes with three different modes, the Smart Mode, the Angle Mode and the Home Mode. The Smart Mode is great for beginner pilots, while the Angle mode is for more experienced pilots. The Home Mode allows you to fly the drone a straight line regardless of your current location and then automatically land within 8 meters of where you are standing.


Yuneec Typhoon G Review – Final Thoughts


The Yunceec Typhoon G has dropped in price considerably. It costs just $499.02 on Amazon, which is a real steal – it was worth $899 not so long ago. So this is the right time to buy this high end quadcopter. If you already have a GoPro camera with you then buying the Typhoon G would be an obvious thing to do. I recommend it highly.

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I wish you all the best, and remember that if you have any questions or comments you can post them in the comments section at the bottom of any blog post. It’s great to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Founder of All Best Drones

Yuneec Typhoon G


Design and Build Quality


Battery Life





  • Battery Life
  • Great Design
  • Controller


  • Camera is not included in the Package
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6 thoughts on “Yuneec Typhoon G Review

  1. Basem Fodah

    What a great written review, good job! I had no idea that these type of drones are out for normal consumers like us to buy. And I think the prices aren’t that expensive too. Maybe someday Ill buy one of these drones. Keep up the good job!

    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Bassem, I´m glad that you liked my post.

      True, there is already a wide range of available drones in the market for anyone.

      It has also been noticed a great lowering prices of the major brands, which are great news for potential consumers.
      If by chance you ever choose to buy a drone, you will see that you will not regret it.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Dawn

    Hi Emanuel I really learned so much from reading this article on the Typhoon G I don’t know a whole lot about drones but I have found a place to come to when I need to know something about best and latest copters available. Thanks for sharing this information. 🙂


  3. Roger

    Great review, Emanuel!

    This does sound like an awesome drone. The controller appears to be easy to understand and operate, plus it’s great that I can see what the camera is filming right on the screen!

    You mentioned that the Yunceec Typhoon G is a great buy if you already own a GoPro camera. If you don’t own one, is it better to buy the model with the built-in camera? Or would you advise me to purchase the GoPro separately?

    And since the cost is going down, do you think it may drop even more in the future?

    Thank for the great information!


    1. Emanuel Post author

      Hi Roger, in fact the Yuneec Typhoon G its a great quadcopter.

      About your question, well,if you already have a GoPro camera with you, you would be better off buying the Yuneec Typhoon G because of the cost advantages.

      If you don´t have a GoPro, you may opt for the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 or the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K, you will be very well served.

      I believe that prices can still go down a bit more.

      Thanks for your comment.


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